Diabetic friends :)

Hi!!! I’m alyssa I’m a diabetic…obviously lol, but I am looking for diabetic friends to talk to I am 17 soon to be 18 :)) I’ve been a diabetic for a few years now I got diagnosed at 13 and never had a diabetic friend I do feel somewhat alone and would really appreciate a diabetic friend who has the same thing I do and someone to relate with.

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Hi Alyssa my name is Eros and I also got T1D when I was 13 hit me out of no where anyways I’m down to give you advice or help or answer any questions cause I know how it feels so I can relate.

Hi Alyssa,
My daughter is 18 and T1. I’m sure she would love to communicate with you. She is an athlete and copes very well with her issues. She is in a small school and doesn’t really know other type 1’s. Let me know if you would like to talk with her and what is your best form of communication.

Hii! @Eros2020 How would you like to communicate? :slight_smile:

@kbrown1997 hello !! I have social media or even my email if that is easier for y’all :slight_smile: I would love to talk to her !

Instagram : wavyalyssa
Snapchat : queen.alyssa3
Email : alyssakoolrenee@gmail.com

Yeah would be my pleasure how can we contact each other or what would you prefer??

@Eros2020 Is email okay for you ? :slight_smile: if so My email is,

Heyyy! I’m Alexandra, but I go by Alex and I was just diagnosed with t1d in August. I love soccer, and running cross country and track. I graduated high school a year earlier and I’ve been chillin at home because of the pandemic…But I turn 18 in January and I would be more than happy to make some friends that I can relate to!!!

Heyyy @alexperic I ran track as well :)) what type of communication is best for you ? :))

I have insta and snap!
ig- alexandraperic
snap- Challenge_alexx