Diabetes Burnout

Sometimes I feel like I just can't stand having diabetes it makes me crazy. The unexpected highs, the crazy lows. Doing all of the same things all of the time but never getting the same results. Do you ever just feel like you want to scream!!!

YES!! It's so frustrating at times, and others it's just another part of life. It's difficult enought to balance homework, classes, work, and social life, and oh yeah sleep; then adding to it all the demands of this disease. . . not fun!

Indeeeeeed.   I used to be full of energy and it now seems like I'm tired 50% of the day either because of highs or lows.

Sooo frustrating!!

It's funny, most of the time it doesn't bother me, but then I remember that there are people who don't have to think about everything they eat all the time, or how much insulin to take, or making sure they have enough pump supplies before going away for the weekend, and then I get frustrated.  Another thing that drives me crazy is when my numbers go crazy and everything seems to be going wrong for no reason at all!  I also agree with Brad, if my diabetes isn't in perfect control, I get tired very easily.

Every day!  yuck.  I think I am in a burnout phase right now anyway.

Mmkay so the whole diabetes thing, not cool.

I'm always frustrated with it. And i think i've completely given up.

I went to the endo last week and got my hba1c. a nice 9.2 :[

my mom was bitching about how i need to check my blood sugar more and take more control...

                            excuse me miss, but if you had diabetes, you wouldnt want to carry around a kit all the time either. try it sometime.

i wish she had the diabetes, and knew how stressful it is. or how sick you can get in a 20 minute period just from eating, or over bolusing.

way to go mothers.


way to go liveabetes.

For me, there is always something wrong going on every single day with my blood sugars. I either wake up higher than normal, wake up low, or wake up normal and then suddenly spike.

I also sometimes do not pay attention to the rapid changes of the cgms numbers and graphs, so I end up missing my chance to make a correction in time to miss the potential high. I feel like I am being irresponsible every time I miss my chance.

When this happens, I can expect my cgms to be going off whenever I don't need it to go off-like in class.

I go low at least once a day, and one of my main concerns is severe hypoglycemia. One of my friends does not understand why a blood sugar of 30 is dangerous. He thinks I freak out when I go low.

I told him, so, if you think I freak out about lows, why don't you just go and inject yourself with 5 units of insulin to see how it feels?

That shut him up right away. BTW, the counselors of my D camp from when I was a child "experimented" with insulin sometimes while the campers were sleeping.


But anyways, there is always something going on with my D.

I really hate having to test at school. When this one girl found out I had diabetes, she said, " I thought only old people got that." I really hated that reaction. In health class they always say eat healthy and exercise so you don't get diabetes. It really frustrates me that people don't know the difference between type 1 and 2!

I know when I was in health the teacher actually had the nerve to tell the whole class that diabetes was my fault.

I of course chewed her out and got in trouble for it but it was totally worth it!

I hate that everyone thinks they know why you have it, or what it's like to have it.


I would have been so mad at that teacher. One time in 8th grade, a teacher acted mad at me because I had to test! Yeah, I just love to go test my blood sugar all the time because is so much fun(sarcastically).

I agree. I hate having the highs because it takes so much energy out of me and when I go low (typically very early in the am before I am supposed to wake up) I get awful sick and over eat because I just want to feel better.  Sometimes I sit and think and wonder what my life was like before I had diabetes (I was diagnosed at age 15 and am now 22). I can't remember what its like to not have to worry about eating right and taking insulin and dealing with the highs and the lows and catching colds!

One time when I was in high school I actually had someone tell me that you could catch diabetes from other people. Talk about a day that I went home and just cried my eyes out! I wish people were better educated about diabetes!

Wow, the stories of these ignorant teachers is really trippin me out. 

That's just awful.

After I was newly diagnosed (so I was six), a lady told me at church at the if I had been a better Christian, God wouldn't have given me diabetes.  This is the kind of comment that could have really gotten to me, but for some reason, I knew that this woman was just being mean, and if she were a better Christian, she would have never even thought something like that.

The whole Christian thing reminds of an incident. In a town in my state(WI), there was a girl that had diabetes. Her parents told her to pray and that God would help her. She ended up dying because her parents wouldn't take care of her.

That is so sad; those poor kids.

I definitely hate burnout days/weeks. A lot of people do not understand the feeling of being high/low. Especially parents. My mom has type 2, and she doesn't test ever (seriously). She hardly ever goes low and she thinks 80 (for her) is low!!! It is so frustrating!!!!

-A lot of people can be so rude about it too. People are always telling me I shouldn't eat this or that! I watch my diet pretty strictly, but I for one must have chocolate!! ;D

Haha people always try to tell me what to eat.

Excuse me, but I've been taking care of my diabetes for thirteen years, and you think you know it better? Haha.  That kind of stuff makes me laugh.  Luckily, I'm on a minimed and I can literally eat whatever I want whenever I want, as long as I correct.


way to go liveabetes :]

I have a book that has been very helpful with diabetes burnout. It’s actually called Diabetes Burnout. Though I can’t remember who the author is. If you’re interested in it let me know. I’ll get you the information about it.
Khaos Faerie


People try to tell me what to eat too, especially my meddling mother-in-law who thinks she knows it all because she was a nurse. She’s in her 60s and half the time can’t remember anything. She’s never heard of the term ‘brittle diabetic’ before. She’s a major pain in the ass. Though she doesn’t like me anyways. I found out that when my husband and I went through a short separation. She blames me for his past drinking. He’s been sober since April 2008 and hasn’t drank a drop. I don’t drink at all because of complications with my diabetes. You want to tell them that I’m doing what I can and the best I can given the facts that not every diabetic is the same.

I agree with you, Becca.  Most of the time it's just part of life.  But then I start to think about what it would be like NOT to have diabetes (usually on the days when my BS is out of control) and it starts to get to me.  Something as simple as being able to eat something and not do math in my head!  I can't imagine not testing, injecting or carb-coutning for 24 hours.  It would seem like a vacation!!

The other times I get frustrated is when I get low/high in really awful situations.  This usually happens at work.  I'm a nurse practitioner and I work in a hospital.  It's so stressfull when I'm dealing with an emergency or when I'm with a patient or speaking with a parent and I can feel a low creeping up on me.  I want to scream "Just give me a second!"  I feel like I'm doing important things at work and I don't like feeling like I can't give it my full attention.

I've gone through burnouts twice in the 15 years that I've had Diabetes one of which was recently.  I've finally starting coping with things better but being in college and having to deal with all the ups and downs gets so frusturating especially when I change my basal rate .05 for an hour and end up crashing and then putting it back to normal and being constantly 300 its so annoying especially since my brother barely does anything and his blood sugars are always perfect!