Diabetes Birthday

So yesterday was my brother's 5th yr of having diabetes. I was curious to see if any of you do anything special to celebrate your own diabetes birthday.

my "birthday" is december 23rd. i don't typically acknowledge the fact it was the day i was diagnosed, other than ticking off another year on the calendar. i realize others view this differently, but i don't see it as something to celebrate. while i don't live a terrible or horrible life, diabetes has greatly changed the way i live--some for better and some for worse. so, i choose not to celebrate.

BUT you could say, since it's 2 days before christmas, that i celebrate it every year without really knowing it :D:D

My D-day is 4 days before my actual birthday. Sooo I tend to get super depressed then super happy and share the fact that it is my birthday with EVERY person I meet and tell them to donate to JDRF for my birthday. Last year I told all of my friends to sign the petition for stem cell research. It worked. It was better then getting me present that I don't need or want.

I will try to do something to mark it like go out to dinner or something. My wife bought me some SF See's Candy this year. 6/9/09 was my 20 year anniversary.

My diabetes birthday is in december. I dont exactly remember the date, coz at the time ofdiagnosis, I was 7. it will be my 10th year this december. I dont do anything special, but just resolve to not give up and take full control of diabetes.

I celebrate every year. I had my 20 year T1D Bday on May 1.

I've never really celebrated it so much as cursed it thus far. But hey, I'm still a kid :D And only recentley have I been able to see the blessing in diabetes rather than the hardships. But this year, I promise to make it a good, celebratory day because it has helped more than burdened me. 4 years is coming up quick for me! Only a few months to go before by D-B-Day

OMG they make SF See's Candy?? must find, must find lol



My favorite is the Peanut Brittle and Dark Bar

I observe (note the choice of words) on Pearl Harbor Day, and I guess there is some similarity.

Mine is sometime in August.  Maybe the 30th?  Not sure.  It was right around the time Elivs died.  But no, I don't celebrate.  In my opinion it is indeed significant, but nothing I want to celebrate.  I wish I could forget all of this ...

My D-day is December 25th. What a wonderful Christmas present. (=

I don't do anything to celebrate, unless, like C said, you count Christmas as my celebration.

My birthday is on October 8th. I usually celebrate it with my family.

wow... im surprised a lot of you dont celebrate it. we don't either, i think its mainly because we get caught up in so many other things.

I can't remember the exact date of my diagnosis.  It was thirteen years ago and to be quite honest not something I chose to remember as significant.  I do know that it was before we went on spring break when I was in seventh grade.

Even if you dont remember when you were diagnosed dont you think we all should still celebrate it?  Just because of how much it has affected your lives. It has made many people so much more responsible and stronger. So it kinda makes me think... if you never got diabetes would you of still of matured at the same age that you did with getting it?

My ten year "anniversary" will be next July 17th.  I plan on celebrating by eating a big piece of cake!!!  I just had my 9 year anniversary last month and I still can't believe it's been that long!

As noted in my signature, mine is September 14 and the 5 year is coming fast.  I too have realized the blessing rather than the hardship that has come with the diagnosis.  But I still try to do something that day like go out to dinner or just something different than normal.  I'm thinking this year, since it's 5 years, I'll buy a little cupcake, put 5 candles on it, and sing happy birthday to my novolog pens because they have been there the whole time for me!

[quote user="stilledlife"]My D-day is 4 days before my actual birthday. Sooo I tend to get super depressed then super happy [/quote]


Same here, except it's 11 days. August 28 and September 8. This'll be my 3rd year and 2 d-birthday. And school starts at the same time, so I get really moodswingy...

Actually this year school starts on by DBDAY. This is gonna suck...