Diabetes apps for IOB

Hi. Does anyone know of an app that you can help someone who chooses to use injections and can enter their info into the app and it’ll also calculate insulin onboard? Thank you


“diabetes manager” for $5.00 on IOS - but IMO you could calculate it manually.
The standard for IOB, for “active insulin time” is 4 hours, but since diabetes is a science experiment, you have to test that. There are practical ways to test how long insulin lasts, in you… please consider buying the book “Think Like a Pancreas”

so lets say you tested and your active insulin time is 4 hours - a pump uses a straight line for IOB and you can too. You will have to write down the amount of insulin you injected, and the time.

to calculate IOB, after you record your data, you only need the current time

8 units injected at 8:00 AM. so you are going to have 8.0 units active for 4.0 hours, the straight line is 8/4 or 2.0 units per hour.
9 AM IOB = 6 units
10 AM IOB = 4 Units
11 AM IOB = 2 units
12 PM IOB = 0

now this is crude and in my opinion, not completely accurate… but it is the way the pump does it (by observation)

the formula is easy total insulin injected / “active insulin hours” = IOB “decay” per hour again, you’ll need to keep track of time
also - I didn’t look at “diabetes manager” on the app store it could be buggy spammy or bad for your phone - buyer beware!