Diabetes and Celiac?

Anyone else out there with the dreaded celiac disease? Looking for better ways to cope with It… I’m a horribly celiac at times.

Hi HabitChic, I have celiac disease I was diagnosed 3 years ago. How long have you had celiac for? What are you having issues with?

I have not officially been diagnosed with celiac’s but I am definitely gluten intolerant and have been dealing with that for about a year now. As a college student only just getting used to the dietary restrictions diabetes has caused, this has been really hard. I definitely try to stay positive all the time, but I am constantly struggling to stay in this mindset. Its hard not to burst into tears when I go to a restaurant and there’s only 1 or 2 things I can reasonably eat- it overwhelms me constantly. Especially for someone like me who loves food so much…

However I have found some little things to make it a little easier. One of the best things to happen to me was finding a really good gluten-free pizza mix, and perfecting a delicious pizza (that I actually like more than those with gluten). Also having family and a boyfriend who are constantly finding me delicious alternatives. It doesn’t make it better… But it makes it easier.

Feeling your pain.