Diabetes and Birth Control

I am hearing conflicting discussions about Type 1 Diabetics and Birthcontrol (the pill or other forms). Can any women tell me what they take and how it affects their blood sugar/other aspects of life. Or Can anyone fill me on what their doctors say. My Gynocologist and Endrocrinologist have conflicting ideas. Thanks!

I too would love to know the answer to this question! My GP said it effects blood sugars. I feel there must be a pill out there that type 1 diabetics can take. Please please please if anyone is on the pill let us know which one! thanks :)

I was on Mircette when I was diagnosed (had been on it for about four years). About a year later, I switched to an IUD, just because I figured it would make my routine easier (one less pill!). I didn't notice any change in my blood sugars, so I wonder if it's just something that's going to affect each woman differently?

I've taken the pill since i was 17 till 27 and never noticed any changes in my insulin levels at all.  I've tried a whole bunch of different types over the years, just to try out the new "lower estrogen" ones, but yeah i've never noticed a change at all.  

I would just suggest picking a brand and trying it out and you can always switch if one bothers your blood sugars, but i doubt you will notice anything.


I was on the pill a few years ago and have since found out that I am very sensitive to hormones.... (i can tell by the afternoon whether or not I took my synthroid)   when i was on the pill, I didnt really pay much attention to my Bg's...... I do know that in any woman over 150lbs, it is recommended that you take a higher level of a birth control pill....


I have an IUD by Paraguard, which stays in for up to 10 years, It has copper in it and there are no hormones (if there were I would have gone crazy)    

I am lucky if i remember to take my synthroid in the morning, let alone a birth control pill... 

I've been taking OvCon for a few years now.  Haven't really noticed any effect on my blood sugar or insulin needs, except for one thing - before going on the pill, I had problems with highs before my period.  That evened out on the pill (as did other annoying PMS-y symptoms!).

I was on the pill for probably 15 years and if there was effects, I obviously wasn't aware of it!  I can't believe I can't remember the name (it wasn't common), but originally was put on it by my dermatologist, I don't recall it ever being even discussed as an issue w/any of my several endos b/t ages 15-30, no-one blinked.

I had to try a few different brands until I found one that worked for me.  I was on Tri-Cyclen for a while but the weekly changes in hormone levels in the pills sent my sugars all over the place.  I currently take Marvelon which is better since the pills are consistent.  Although, my sugars tend to absolutely crash the week I'm on the 'sugar pills.'  Hope this helps.

I wasn't diagnosed with T1 until last year, right before my 20th birthday so I had been on the pill for about 2 years before I was diagnosed.  I find my blood sugars lower a couple days before the lovely time of month and higher the first couple days of.  I think the pill actually helps because I know when these days are coming and I ususally just adjusty my lantus by a unit either way depending.

I have been taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for a number of years (with a small break a couple of years ago) and have never seen a difference in my blood sugars.  In addition, both my endo and my gynocologist know that I am on insulin and birth control and neither one has said anything to me about it.

ADA has a few lines about birth control and diabetes.  You can view that information at this website: http://www.diabetes.org/type-1-diabetes/women-sexual-health.jsp


I use Cyclessa, which is God's gift to women given  that we have to deal with this "lovely" aspect of our lives...it is a daily pill & gives you your "friend" every 3 months!!  (My boyfriend finds that appealing as well-lol)...I do not have any major PMS but I didn't before I went on Cyclessa either.

My PCP doctor called & was a bit concerned that I was on the pill.  He mentioned the risks involved for diabetics, which were mainly heart attack.  I BELIEVE this is because many diabetics have high blood pressure to begin with & bc can raise yours even more.  Fortunately, I naturally have LOW blood pressure, plus my new doc (left the original guy who was concerned) has me on lasinopryl for kidney protection, which doubles as a blood pressure assistant.  The PCP who was concerned suggested a IUD (inter-uterine device) for birth control but I was VERY against it...why?  Risk of infection.

I don't know if you are like me, but I can get a staph or cellulitis infection if I practically LOOK at a paper cut.  How is installing a foreign  object in me going to not cause the same issue? I have used the pill for several years now & no blood test has shown any rising concern.

I  think it is best to view the benefits & risks & figure out what you think will work best...frequent blood tests to monitor your bodies reaction will help put your mind at ease to make sure you are ok.

Out of curiousity-what was the suggestion of your Gyno vs. your Endo?  You may want to askthem to talk to EACH OTHER to figure out what they think is best too.

Best to you~Shannon