Birth Control: Pill vs. Shot

Hey Everyone!
So as I’m sure everyone else has experienced, periods do HELL on my blood sugars. Right before I start I get highs that just refuse to lower and near the tail end and a couple of days after I’m constantly low. I’ve noticed when I’m on the pill the swings aren’t as bad, (not too mention when I can just restart the hormone pill cycle and not take the space holder pills (which are often sugar pills), I don’t have to deal with the period/blood sugar roller coaster at all, but I’m wondering if anyone has tried the shot and if it has the same benefits as taking the birth control pill or if there’s any other alternatives that work as well?

Hi Laurel,

I used to experience the same challenges with my period. I know you asked specifically about the shots, which I do not have experience with. I did want to share, however, that I found the best option for me was the Mirena hormonal IUD. My understanding of the reason it works so well for diabetics are the following:
-Vaginally absorbed hormones are absorbed more directly and thus a lower level of hormones are required. This is important because, as you know, hormones also elevate blood sugar levels.
-It is absorbed consistently and thus there is not spike in hormone absorption (like there is with the pill, which also has an impact on BG throughout the day when you take the pill).
-Periods become light to non-existent, which of course means barely any fluctuation in BG around period times.
-Since we have so much daily maintenance for our diabetes, I also find it nice that I don’t have to worry about taking a pill every day at the same time. That always feels like just one more thing to me.
-Most insurances cover most/all the cost and you likely only have to pay the copay for your visit when they insert it. Then it works for 5 years which means no copays for the pills. We already have such an expensive disease, in my book it’s nice when you can cut out one medication.

Obviously you’d talk to a doctor about other side effects risks etc, as with all birth control there are some, but this is just my personal experience. I used to use the nova ring with had MANY of the same advantages as above, but I believe it’s recalled and off the market now.

I hope this is helpful.

Good Luck,

Hi Laurel,

I used to have the exact same experience! It was so incredibly frustrating. I have to second AddieRose’s advice from above, though: the Mirena has been a game changer. My sugars are so much more manageable and normal now. In fact, my period length has decreased significantly, and my doctor said it might go away altogether, which means one less thing to worry about. Not having to remember to take a pill every day in addition to everything else I do to manage my sugars has been such a relief. There are other options for IUDs besides the Mirena; I’d highly recommend asking your doctor about it!

Good luck :slight_smile:

I too use Mirena and LOVE it! I don’t have the ups and downs of hormones which would wreak havoc on my sugars monthly. Just a steady low dose that takes care of me for 5 years. I am in love. And like moneypenny, I barely have a period anymore, and it’s so minimal. As always talk to your doctor (both endo and gyno) and see what they have to say! Good luck!

I take the pill, but my endo actually prescribed one that does not have a sugar pill, instead it just has some inactive hormones, Ortho Tri-Cyclen. I love my pill, the mood swings are almost nonexistent, the flow is much lighter, and my blood sugars are stable.