DexcomG6 and Gaurdian Sensor

I have had T1D for 25 yrs. I am currently using the Medtronic 670g and Dexcom G6. July 2017 I was introduced to the Medtronic Gaurdian senior along with the 670g. I was set up with the auto mode and I thought it was working well until I started to experience some pretty scary lows in the middle of the night. A few of them I dropped into the low 40s. I consulted with my educator and made a few tweaks, which seemed to help, but I was still experiencing other issues. The sensor life is 7 days, I was maybe getting 4 or 5 days outbof them before it would alarm me to change sensor, and giving me all kinds of alerts, calibrations, enter BG ect. This became a constant pattern as I had made many phone calls to Medtronic to notify them of the sensors going bad too soon. They had told me the sensors were on back order and they were not sure when I would get my next order. Shortly after, maybe a month of having the sensor fails, my 670g pump failed completely. Leaving me with no working pump at 9:30 pm, as I called Medtronic, out on hold, then redirected to someone that said they would take my name and number and call me back within the next 48 hours. I demanded to speak with someone to help me now as my insulin pump was not working. I spoke with a representative and they did get a replacement pump out to me the next day. At this point I was feeling frustrated and just needed some help and advice. I made an appt to see my end to see what other options I had to avoid all the constant interruptions of the devices failing and or going bad. That day I had my appt I was set up to get my first Dexcom G6 sensor. When I recieved it I continued to leave in the old Medtronic Gaurdian sensor to do some comparison. Pros to Dexcom: easy insertion, not painful, didn’t leave bruising, no calibrations, and most importantly ridiculously accurate! The Dexcom sensor picked up my urgent lows 15 min prior to the Medtronic sensor, allowing me more time to catch it before I dropped too low. Amazing, especially during the sleeping hours. I have had the Dexcom sensors since June and I have not had one sensor fail on me yet! I have been very pleased with the sensor and do not feel any desire to switch back. I am grateful that I switched to Dexcom as it has been life changing for me and my family.


I am considering switching to the Dexcom G6 - sounds like it will Bea good move from Medtronics Enlite sensors. Just wondering if G6 will be ok with my Medtronic pump until I’m eligible for the Tandem? You are managing ok with the combo?

@terrih57 Hello and welcome to Type One Nation. The G6 will work, but will be completely independent of your medtronic pump. You will need the dedicated receiver, or the receiver “app” running on your phone to see your “blood sugar” (SG) The G6 will not be able to stop your medtronic insulin pump (basal or suspend on low) but it will be able to alarm to your receiver.

if you get a compatible tandem T’slim (X2™ Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ™), you will be able to stop the t’slim based on G6 indicated SG…

hope this helps.

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Thanks so much. I understand it will not communicate with my pump but hoping the app will be enough until I can get the tslim
Thanks again