Frustrated with Medtronic CGM

Does anyone else have problems with the Medtronic CGM? I used a Medtronic pump and CGM for ~10 years, switched to shots and a Dexcom for 3 years, and am now back on the pump. I have used the pump and CGM for 3 weeks and have already had to call Medtronic 3 times for replacements on sensors that just didn’t work (didn’t stick to my skin, calibrations didn’t match sensor numbers, tube kinked up above the skin, etc.). I love the pump and am excited to start automode, but the CGM is so frustrating. The Dexcom worked so much better. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I recommend experimenting with site locations for the sensor. I had problems every week on my abdomen. I have had almost no major issues since I switched to the thigh.

Hi Mary, I had the same issue with the Guardian 3 sensors. I had one entire box of sensors not stay on the upper part of my hip which works best for me because I play hockey. It turned to be a manufacturing error and Medtronic sent me replacements. Since I recently retired and now use Medicare to cover pump supplies including CGM’s I now still have the 670g Insulin pump but use the Dexcom 5 CGMs which I actually like much more then the Guardian 3 sensors. The receiver is a great way for me to stay on top off my readings. I am also happy to hear that Dexcom (unlike Medtronic) is going out of its way to get approval by Medicare to cover the new Dexcom 6 CGM. I will be curious what you think of the Medtronic Auto Mode feature. Had both good and bad experiences with it.