How long does it take to get a Dexcom6? It seems as though my son has been waiting for about six weeks. Is that unusual?

It took us about six weeks to get it for our son. Just put the pressure on. We’re on our third one with the first two averaging 6.5 days of wear. However the BG numbers have been accurate when comparing to a finger stick, so we’ve been really happy with it.

Thanks for your reply. Do you pressure Dexcom directly? Or doctor’s office who said they would handle everything?

Some states have third party vendors like Bynam. I ordered mine two weeks ago and was told it would take 7-9 days to process the order and another 5-6 weeks to receive it. I called Monday and again this morning and nobody can even tell me if has been processed!!! Very frustrating!

If your doctor’s office said they would handle it, I’d call them first. They might not be dealing directly with Dexcom.

Thanks for you help!

I think it took long placing the order and checking if my insurance would cover…then after that it took about a week long.
I would give them a call.

I’m happy to say it took us just 2 weeks, I talked with them on Sept 21st and my daughter got the G6 on Oct 5th and that was after they told me it wouldn’t ship out till Oct 9th because of the high demand for it. Her doctor was fast to reply with the script for the Dexcom and district specialist James Harlen was very friendly and fast to reply to questions and to get us takin care of. Now if OmniPod was like Dexcom!

Thanks for letting me know about your experience. Cris

Thanks for your feedback.

Well, after about 4 weeks, I finally got a call from Bynam yesterday that my G6 order was being processed. It will probably take about another 2 weeks for me to receive it. Better late than never. I’m really looking forward to using it as I think it will help with my confidence. Wish me luck.