Dexcom graph issues

Has anyone else who uses iOS product as their display app ever had their 24 hour graph just stop working? I called yesterday and they’re trying to figure it out but we’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, tried different settings through the app with no luck. I can see up to the last 4 hours but when I turn my phone horizontal I can not see the last 24 hours. If you have had a similar experience and fixed it, please let me know.

Which app are you using?

The dexcom g6 app for iPhone

@Tee25 I’ve had my 4 hour data disappear. Leaving me with a number in a circle and no graph underneath. I just forced closed all apps and tabs and rebooted my phone and it was fine.

We’ve had nothing but inaccurate readings from dexcom for months until someone at dexcom told us when you activate it for the first time type calibration code manually and don’t use iphone camera to scan qr code. magically it fixed a lot of issues with inaccurate dexcom. I guess software glitch. Hopefully it will help you all