Dexcom G6 transmitter

What is the shelf life of the Dexcom G6 transmitter .I switched to the Medtronic Guardian 3 sensor in December of 2018. I would like to go back to the Dexcom G6 but Dexcom told me the transmitter can’t go unused for 10 months and still work. it’s out of warranty and Dexcom will not replace. Should I still try and use it?

hi @keppppy Gregg, Welcome to Type One Nation! I am not a dexcom user, but I watch technology so I hope this is helpful:

The G6 has a 3V lithium battery (typical disconnected shelf life of 10 years), so the only “life” that has an expiration is the battery and any load it is connected to. You could always try it and see if it works. IF the low battery alarm goes off… at least you tried.

If you are very much capable and into DIY, there is an interesting battery replacement story here:

And then there are ways to extend the life of the transmitter after starting it.

Hope you are well. Good luck…