Dexcom G6- applicator wouldn’t remove and needle didn’t retract

I just got my first G6 delivery and I did everything and when I went to press the button I felt it go in but the applicator wouldn’t come off. We left it and it hurt very bad for some reason well we got alcohol wipes to get the adhesive off and take it off from there because it wouldn’t budge and hurt when touched. When we took it off we saw the needle was still out- it hasn’t retracted but was stuck so that is why the applicator didn’t release. I will admit I put it on my arm although it says stomach- but was told by my hospital that I could (that was back at G5) I was wondering if G6 won’t permit that or how to stop the issue.

Hi Tommy @tsanders2002, just out of curiosity, what did the DexCom people have to say about this issue - especially failure of the insertion needle to retract? I’ve found the DexCom “caregivers / training” people extremely helpful.
As this may be a safety issue, it should be reported to the manufacturer; and possibly to the government.

Hi Dennis, so I got a call back from Dexcom and they said they were extremely sorry and that it was very unusual and only had happened to two people in 2000, so needless to say they will replace it and said it won’t happen again. I managed to put another on my other arm- it worked and was very pain free. Thank you so much

Tommy, you and I both hope “it won’t happen again”.
Do you need help getting it in your arm or has the inserter been streamlined for one hand use? I got my wife to learn how to insert the two-handed G5.

So it has been made really nicely actually, you pull off the adhesive and press a button and it does it for you. I got it working in the other arm so it was a fluke. Thank you so much for all of your help!

I also had one that didn’t completely deploy 10 days ago when applying it to my 10 year old daughter’s back. It happened about 2 weeks ago and Dexcom told us the same thing. They did have us send the package back to them so they could analyze it.

This KEEPS happening to me. I get 3 boxes of 3 sensors, for a total of 12 every 3 months. It happens to at least 3 with each shipment. Last insertion, 10 days ago, happened twice, 3rd one worked. Tonight, 2nd one worked. So now I have 3 sensors ready to send back, and more needle holes in my body! It’s painful to rip off a sensor applicator while the needle is still
Poking into your body.

Dexcom is good about sending replacement sensors. But there’s more that goes along with the sensors. Skin-tac wipes, IV-3000 stickers since I’m allergic to the adhesive, and the general overall inconvenience of stabbing yourself with something multiple times and then having to deal with sending it back.

It’s happening so frequently I’m going to start keeping dates and info.

Is this happening to anyone else still? I’m sad and frustrated and pretty much looking to commiserate. Diabetes sucks and is expensive and annoying and this just makes it worse.

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I had this happen to me once; the needle did retract but the applicator refused to detach from the sensor. Ironically, it happened the first time I used the g6, so I immediately freaked out and called Dexcom with the applicator still attached to my abdomen. They said that there was nothing they could do but that they would replace the sensor. They also said it might help to hold the applicator button down longer than just a second–I don’t know if that’s actually true or not, but I’ve done it every time since because I’m super paranoid, and I haven’t had a problem since then. I was surprised that when I called, the Dexcom employee acted as though this was a complaint they received fairly often; I never heard of it happening with the g5 but I’ve heard of several folks who had it happen with the g6.

I’m only on my 5th G6 sensor, but fortunately have never had this happen to me. I hope this isn’t a design flaw, as I really love using the G6.

Curious, is there a specific location on your body you have the issues? Just wondering if it’s the angle of the applicator, the pressure, etc., when pushing the button. Honestly, I don’t even pay attention to how I press the button, I just press it until I hear the click (insertion), then pull the applicator off.

It has happened on my abdomen and on my arm. I hold it until I hear it release…except sometimes it doesn’t release. D:

Thanks for commiserating, y’all!

Just happened to my son this morning. Needle didnt retract. I am so frustrated with this. Sensors have only been lasting 5 to 6 days. This product worked so well when we first started and now it’s a every week occurence I have to call dexcom for a replacement.

It is soooo frustrating. Especially since wait times to talk to a human person are so long!

I agree. When I called Dexcom Tech Support in the past I was talking with someone in just a few minutes. Last time I was on hold for the better part of an hour!

@Kory5267 Hi Kory and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum!

Yes, call Dexcom and get replacements - wait time on hold isn’t always long; I’ve usually been answered with in a couple of minutes and their “call back” is fairly rapid.
Now here is “news” you,and your son,may not want to hear: not all devices such as CGM and pump work effectively on everyone. Your son may be in the small group of people.

Been using dexcom g6 sensors for over a year now no problems. 10 days ago the needle did not retract had to rip it off my arm. Was at my brothers house and used one of his sensors no problems. Dexcom replaced the bad sensor used it this morning same thing needle did not retract had to rip it off. I could not make myself try another sensor this morning.

This is the 5th one that got stuck in me. All from the same shipment. My stomach is bleeding.

WOW, Haley @Cleareies, something isn’t right. What does Dexcom say? Did you submit this picture to Dexcom? A call to Dexcom is the first action you should make whenever you have any malfunction of its product. I’ve been using the G6 only for a short time but never experienced anything but wonderful 10 day success rate, and never had any bleeding around the site.

And a warm Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I’m really pleased that you shared this comment and picture and many here are waiting to hear what Dexcon replies to you - please share that.

this happened to me once and i bled all over the place and had a hole in my arm for 2 weeks. has not happened again thankfully.

I’m getting really tired of this. Dexcom hold times are always over an hour now and I have had 4 insertion failures in the last 30 days including the 2 just now!

Does anyone know why Dexcom is falling so far off in performance?

As far as slow response to calls, I think it’s due to the G6 - onboarding and tech support as well as issues. All things considered it would have been prudent to bring on more agents to help with the demand if that’s what’s happening.