Dexcom apps with IOS 13.3.1


Does anyone know if the Dexcom Share and Follow apps are compatible with IOS 13.3.1 from Apple ? I have checked the Dexcom compatibility chart on their website and do not see the 13.3.1 listed for either Share or Follow. But it seems like my phones have been wanting to update for months now, so I would have guessed Dexcom would have caught up to Apple. Am reluctant to call Dexcom since it seems like they are heavily loaded up at this time. Thank you.

Don’t know about apple but I’m having the same issue with my galaxy s20… says it’s not compatible with the dexcom… you would think a new phone would be compatible…I don’t get it

we are using the share app with a g5 on ios 13.3.1…seems to be working. Is it not working or were you just waiting for Dexcom to approve it? We don’t wait since a child isn’t involved.


Thanks for your kind reply.

I was just waiting for Dexcom to approve it. I don’t want to update the phone until they approve the newer IOS. I usually wait because I’m following my son, and I don’t want any interruptions.

Thanks again

hi! i have an iphone updated to ios 13.3.1 and i have not noticed any problems with my dexcom app. i have had the app before the update so i don’t know if the app would be affected differently if you first downloaded it with ios 13, but again, i have not experienced any problems with the app so far! hope all is well!

Thank you for your kind reply !

My dad always likes to know what my bg is all the time. But i notice that when my apple phone would automatically update the dexcom g6 app could not keep up. So my dad did end up calling dexcom over it and they said that if you have an apple phone u should turn off automatic updates and wait til the update is compatible with the dexcom follow app. Hope this helps!

Hi, thank you for your thoughtful reply !

Hi @RMcM. I have always left automatic updates on and am currently using iOS 13.3.1. While I occasionally get a message when I launch my Dexcom app saying that the app is not officially compatible shortly after updating, I have never had any issues and continue to update as quickly as I can. That being said, the safest thing to do is to always wait until Dexcom says that their app is compatible with a certain version of iOS or Android on their list of compatible devices on their website ( As of March 21, 2020, it is only validated to work for iOS 11.1.0 through 13.1.0.

Hi, thanks very much for your detailed reply !