Dexcom ? After shower

Just got my cgm and I am surprised to be loving it. I hate wearing things. Anyway… took my first shower with it on and it has been working great up until I got out. Now we have ???. I tried taking it off, drying it, stopping the sensor and nothing is working. Any advice ? Thanks!

Hi Michelle @Mlp1124, I began using the DexCom G5 eight weeks ago and I love it too.
I’ve showered with it many, many times and been in the hottub with it and haven’t had your experience. A couple of times I thought the number “looked funny” [not how I felt] so I did calibration and found the sensor was ok.
When you say you took it off and dried it, I’m assuming you are referring to the transmitter and not the actual sensor. My thought, is that you were in the shower your receiver may have been out-of-range; if so, it should automatically reset between 10 and 30 minutes.
Whatever call DexCom now - use the telephone option for “new user” - I found them very responsive.

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Thank you for always responding! It ended up working again I don’t think I gave it enough time to reconnect to my receiver and do have too far as you mentioned. Thanks again

Hi there Michelle @Mlp1124 -

I find I often ‘unseat’ the transmitter from the little ‘shoe’ and that gives me the ??? code. I have learned to pop the transmitter all the way out, dry the contacts off, and reseat it, listening for 2 little ‘clicks’ as each tab (right side, left side) snap back into place. I typically see it reconnect in 5 or less minutes.

To your good health!


My 4 year old T1 also has this issue on occasion after taking baths with the Dexcom on. What happens is water will get between the transmitter and the sensor. Once it dries out the reading always come back. So I would not worry! Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thank you. I appreciate the response.

Wow! I have been rushing through my shower. I didn’t know I could take a bath. Thanks so much.
Any help on what to use to carry my Dexcom receiver and Tandem Pump and maybe even my cell phone in? I don’t have pockets to carry all of this stuff.

I use a G5, but I get the three question marks when my transmitter battery is getting old. I also get them if I sleep on top of the transmitter. Normally I wear a cloth belt with pockets sewn on at night for my pump and Dexcom receiver. I rotate it to the opposite side from where I am planning to sleep (e.g. to my back if I am sleeping on my stomach or my left side if I am sleeping on my right side). But I can roll over whilst asleep and end up sleeping right on it, despite my intentions. I have worn Dexcoms for several years, and gone swimming with them, and showered with them. I have had no problem with these activities.

FYI to the group. I’ve used Dexcom since G4. I carry both the receiver & my iPhone. My receiver tends to do better with displaying my current bg versus my phone. My iPhone does better if the Dexcom app is at the top of the “stack” - I have Glooko, health, podcasts, and Dexcom apps running together most days. If I’m watching Netflix, checking my Facebook/instagram etc etc and the Dexcom app gets buried I generally get ??? Same goes for laying on transmitter. It used to be with g5 I could reset 3x before it would fail to provide bgs. Now I barely get a week before it fails to read. (Trying to use up G5 supply before switching to G6) - side note - I wish the G6 was 14 days. It’s more convenient to know that you can switch out your set on the same day & time - Sunday morning or nights are my best opportunity to do a new sensor with warmup. Sorry for the rambling!