so lately with all of my stress that I have and how down that I am feeling I think that it is sending me back into depression again and I feel like everyone hates me and feels humiliated when I hang out with them but they don’t tell me because they don’t want to hurt my feeling and they act like we are friends until I leave. sometimes I try as hard as hard as I can to hold it in. one time I have even come home crying because of what people call me and it really hurts inside but they don’t realize that and it just doesn’t help with me being the youngest in the house and that my family doesn’t let me get to say side of the story and all of it just builds up my stress and they don’t realize it i just have to sit there and i can’t tell my school counselor this because she HATES me and all of this happens almost every single day and sometimes i wonder how i haven’t snapped yet.

don’t worry, most people go through this stage at school, trust me I have more than once!

Just remember:

  1. your friends don’t hate you or are humiliated to hang out with you! we tend to make these things up in our own heads
  2. if you don’t get a chance to tell your side of the story, maybe try writing it down and giving it to your family.
  3. if you want to tell your side of the story, write it down, even if just for yourself. It definitely helps me. just to get it off your chest, it helps
  4. keep your head up and smile!! it’s no fun for people to call you names if you’re smiling and happy.

there’s always someone who will listen, if you just want a stranger to rant to, feel free to email me!

Thanks for the help and i had a idea of making a box with a slot on it with little cards that you fill out and put in the box and at the end of every month i am going to try to go over them with my family.

The cards for the box:

Who is this about? __________________________________________
Why are they making you mad/upset _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________