Dark, purplish circles under eyes

Does anybody else get dark, purplish circles under their eyes when they are low?  It may be just a genetic thing, or some other medical problem I have... but I wanted to ask.  It's especially noticable after I exercise.

I'm a science nerd and I'm assuming that it has something to do with the hydrostatic pressure that glucose exerts on the blood vessels.  Decreased blood glucose concentration equals decreased hydrostatic pressure equals some blood not getting to the capillaries underneath my eyes.  Maybe this doesn't make sense, even scientifically, but thought I'd throw it out there.

Anyone else ever noticed this before?

Hey Mad,

That's weird that you say that, because whenever I'm at work, people will ask me all the time if I'm feeling okay when I start going low.  Whenever I ask how they knew, they say it's because my eyes look dark and sunken in.  So it's not just you.

Hey, cool!  I'm glad to hear I'm not alone on this one.  I know that getting pale is a common symptom, but I had never read about this symptom in the books before.

I have really deep set eyes, but the rings get darker. I do get paler.

And I feel like ripping my hair out.

And stabbing all the stupid people.

But I think the last few just have to do with my antisocialism. Yeah.

Darn stupid peoples.


I thought about this a lot because the same thing happens to me.

I have a theory, but it is just that.

When you are low, just as when you are ill the red corpuscles are probably trying to get any last amount of sugar to your brain and internal organs- moving the blood away from the surface skin and muscles, thus giving you the pale complexion and accompanying weakness. Then I thought about darkness under the eyes- but that naturally accompanies paling just like when you are tired or sick. Reasoning beyond that- I'm at a loss.

i don't get any kind of circles under my eyes but my pupils get dilated. i noticed it when my mom took a picture of me and right after it was take i was like 45 or something.

The purple under the eyes I think is part and parcel with a low. I definitly get them. I think it also has to deal with just plain exhaustion as you are "fighting" the low you may not be aware of. I mean, wehn I am low I definitly just want to curl up and fall asleep... I think it is just one of those warning signs that go with it, along with the dilated pupils and also going pale.

Maybe it is just part of the warning signs we should be looking for, granted I normally don't carry a mirror around to detect lows... But hey why not give it a shot. :-p

My daughter, who is 4, always gets the dark purple circles under her eyes.  Because she is not old enough to verbalize fully or take care of herself that is how as a parent that I know that I better check her if it is not a normal check time.  She also gets circles when she is high but they seem to be a different color if that makes sense.  I just look at her eyes and know that she is either high or low.  Then I check her and am usually right (not 100% full proof! as usual!) but definitely a sign that I use.

My mom always used to say i did when i was little it was one way along with getting cranky that she could tell if i was low.

I get dark circles under my eyes. I also get really pale and my nerves are more "on edge". I tend to be tacky or rude (not intentionally) whenever I am rude.

Hope that helps!


My daugter is 3 and the eyes are one of the things I watch for a low or high her eyes go real dark purple with a low and more red wiith a high. I now look back at pre-d pics from last year and so many of them have those dark circles poor baby!!

I never noticed if i got dark circles when low. You say you get it after exercise maybe it has something to with you getting dehydrated?

Our son gets them with lows, but only faintly.   We are more likely to notice his temperment (edgy, as one other posted) or how he seems to turn white in the cheeks.

hmm that is really interesting, I haven't noticed that but I'll check next time I'm low. 

Ethan gets them! I never put them with lows though. So, thanks for this post! Always learning....... Always learning.

I get the dark circles under the eyes. This post made me realize that I'm one of the people who get the dark circles. Which is lovely in certain crowds of people because the assumptions that are made are rather...not nice. But I am replying (I hope it goes through like it ought to) to this quote because the Alice in Wonderland quote is absolutely wonderful. I am of the opinion that I often as well give myself very good advice (like right now checking my blood sugar would be a good idea because I can feel it dropping) but seldom do I take it. So I'm off to check the blood sugar, but even though I have advised myself to do so immediately, I am going to post more first, thus securing the chances of writing at least one wacky thing before the evening comes to a close.

Hahahahahahaha.  Crochet nut that was hilarious.