Creating a Group for Diabetics at your University

Hi everyone!

I just graduated in May 08 from the University of Tennessee. While at UT, I started a group called the Diabetes Advocacy Board. Here is the current website:

The group started out with about 8 students who all had diabetes, but by the time I graduated (2 years later) more than 35 students had participated in our organization in some way, and most of them didn't have diabetes (but just cared about someone who did).

Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone else out there was interested in starting a similar group on their campus. If so, I would love to give you advice, tips, etc.

I know it may seem like a big task, but I would love to see groups like the DAB popping up at colleges across the country. What an incredible movement!


While I was at UT, the Diabetes Advocacy Board sponsored a Diabetes Awareness Week, where we had a table in a prominent location on campus and sold ribbon to raise money for our local JDRF chapter.

We also hosted a speaker event later that year, getting Nicole Johnson, the host of D-Life and Miss America 1999, to do a presentation on campus about her life with diabetes. More than 80 students attended!

The Diabetes Advocacy Board also participated in 2 JDRF Walks while I was in school. Our team raised more than $1000 total.


So let me know if I can help you get something started in your school!