How are you holding up during this coronavirus pandemic? I have already hit the stage of stir crazy and have been social distancing with friends more this past month than when it first started happening. Meaning I didn’t see ANYONE except intermediate family the first month and then by April 10th, I was determined to hangout with friends every so often within 6-12 feet, of course. My county hit our first case on March 11th and since then I’ve been working from home. My time is mostly spent at home too…

What activities or hobbies have you taken up since this pandemic hit and caused social isolation from almost everything we once enjoyed?? I have taken into handwriting letters, stamping, reading (more than I ever have), and ordering packages offline (whoops). I bought a hammock and I don’t think I would have if it weren’t for having to stay home so much. One thing for sure is I have been saving a lot more money but I haven’t cracked my shopping obsession yet.

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I’m holding up okay given the circumstances. I’m missing friends for sure but am thankful for technology it’s better than nothing I guess. I’ve been doing a lot of snail mail throughout this pandemic to spread acts of kindness. A new hobby I’ve gotten into is reading & writing poetry. Currently I’m writing at least one poem every other day for the Written to Speak challenge on instagram. It’s been fun so far and it’s a good way for me to get back into writing more again. I also have recorded myself and my dad singing songs and have recorded myself reading poetry aloud. I’ve also made some online shopping purchases supporting Hobby Lobby & shopping small mostly Etsy & Written to Speak has some cool merch. That’s awesome you bought a hammock Hannah! I’m also thinking about buying a hammock from REI :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to learn crochet, and saw some easy patterns for masks. Have been working off and on for a couple of weeks, such is longer than I imagined it would take even as a beginner - but I was dropping stitches and had to learn to count (at my age :scream:!) and wanted to get it right. I’m final almost done, everything is straight :tada::tada::tada: and I just have to finish off the pocket and do the ear bands. Then I’ll make a couple more!


I want to practice guitar but so far unsuccessful. I am teaching myself how to code in unity and unreal engine. My kid loves military, especially tanks, so I made him a VR tank FPS multiplayer game I am also working on “zoom poker” so I can set up a card game but it’s harder than it sounds. Let’s see what else… I learned to cut and style hair as long as you want a military fade That’s not entirely true I just learned to color hair as well.


What a relief! I’m so glad to hear you’re okay.


I’m learning how to quilt. I’m taking on new hobbies and encouraging my kids to do the same God Bless Y’all and hang in there! I had a severely broken leg and another injury and I was bedridden for two years. When my surgeon finally gave me clearance to walk, the coronavirus quarantine started. I’m going sooo stir crazy! And my son Connor has been depressed- it’s hard for him to be social anyway. Hang in there! Now that school is starting hopefully we’ll be able to get on a schedule and take time for ourselves. (Something I haven’t done in a long time). Make sure to take care of yourself. :heart::pray::heart: Remember to put the oxygen mask on you first :kissing_heart::pray::kissing_heart:

Enjoy quilting! I love quilts - the designs are beautiful and I appreciate the effort that goes into them. There used to be a quilting show on TV and add I watched it I told myself I should learn. But then I had to remind myself "You don’t even sew!!! All the women in my mom’s side of the family can sew a storm. My mother expected a great bonding experience but I just didn’t have the patience😢. Later I was drawn to cross stitch but never did get the sewing bug. Enjoy your craft!