My daughter just got diagnosed on labor and it has been a big shock and change to our family. Do any parents have cook book advice so I can try to manage her sugar. Also recipe friendly for a 7 yr old. Thanks

@donnado129hi Donna, sorry to hear about your daughters diagnosis. I hope you have access to a certified diabetes educator and an endocrinologist.

For myself, I’d say it’s more important to learn how to use insulin than it is to radically change your cooking and her diet. It’s bad enough for her to get used to the new deal without telling her now she can’t eat something.

The Calorie King still has all the carbohydrate information for common foods you can use to estimate and carb count her diet.

Please check in and tell us how she’s doing.

The JDRF May have a local chapter where you can meet other parents near you. Please consider going to the JDRF web site and looking up your local chapter. The link is here:

Just put in your zip code

Good luck

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Look for recipes with carb-counts per serving in them. Then use a scale to weigh out your daughter’s servings.

You can calculate how many carbs are in something by looking up and counting the carbs of all the ingredients, weighing the final product (minus any container weight), then taking the total carbs divided by total weight to give you the carbs/gram for that particular recipe. Then you can just weigh out a portion, and multiply by the carbs/gram and you know how many carbs are in there. It’s a pain in the butt looking up the carb counts and doing the conversions for all the ingrediants, but it can be done. A lot of times, I’ll just get lazy and don’t cook recipes that don’t have a pre-calculated carbs per serving.

The American Diabetes Association has (or had) one called “Great Recipes for You and Your Family” that my Mom used a lot when I was a teenager.