Considering Omnipod...pros and cons

My 7 yr old daughter is starting to show interest in a pump.  I am very interested in the Omnipod, but I am concerned about the size on a 7 yr old and site rotation.  Her doctor seems to think it is too big for her, any advice?


I would definitely get a trial pod (Insulet/Omnipod does offer this), in fact, if it were me, I would push for TWO when I called.  Also, I would use an insulin syringe to fill them with 180 units or so of water so that I had a better idea what the filled weight would be like on her.  If after 3 days, it really bothers her, it’s probably not a good option but if she starts forgetting about where you put it… the infusion should work fine – the real question will be the pod size and comfort…

I hope this helps…




I've been on the pods for about a little over a year and a half now...


One other thing I forgot to mention - definitely check out the Ping, too!  The nice thing with the Ping and other "tubed" options is that you can replace the infusion set without throwing away the insulin.

It is also water proof and utilized a remote and has a better food library... so - depending on your needs...



I agree--I would definitely get a trial pod and see how you daughter feels about the size.  Site rotation could be a problem for all of the different pump options.   When I first tried an insulin pump when I was 12 I definitely got lazy about site rotation.  The omnipod shuts off after 3 days so it pretty much forces you to rotate your site which could be a good thing.  I've tried a demo pod three times in the last two weeks and I love it.  I'm actually going to fill out the paperwork for the pod tomorrow.  Also, I keep hearing that Insulet is going to come out with a new pod that is significantly smaller--something like 40% smaller--so that is also something to keep in mind.