Combo Bolus suggestions?

How do you combo bolus for 

1. Bagels?

2. Hot chocolate?

3. Pizza?

Do you do 50/50?

I am looking for starting points for my daughter. She has trouble with these foods. 


Is your daughter on a pump or MDI? I'm on a pump, and tend to favor a 60/40 split.  Works well for pizza.  However, I do change it around, based on what my sugars are doing and what I'm eating.

Trial and error is the best was to figure this out.  

I don't eat bagels really, but they can have A LOT of carbs.  For me, high carb and high sugar items (like regular hot chocolate) require me to bolus at least half an hour beforehand (as long as bs isn't too low).  Sometimes 45 minutes is even better.

Breads that aren't whole grain do a number on my bs.  Bolusing a long time in advance has helped me more than a combo, but that's me.  Everyone's different.  A combo may help your daughter.

So, again, trial and error.  Good luck!

Pizza is killer. I agree trial and error is key if not talking to your doctor. I mean everyone's insulin sensitivity is different. For me, i tend to use a 70:30 for pizza in a 1.5 hour duration. Than if I need to I will just tweak things as the time goes on.