Combating Post meal highs

Hey everyone, 

If your like me, your main problem with control is after meals. I've struggled with this issue intensely over the past months trying harder and harder to find something that works. I found this slideshow very helpful - specifically because it points out what I've been experiencing - that it is the total amount of carbohydrates consumed in a meal that affects how high you go after, more so than glycemic index. It seems to recommend meals of 40-50 grams of carb (low GI preferrably) with snacks through the day. I've tried this the last few days and found it very helpful, so I figured i would share it with you guys.

Here is the link to the slide show:

The website,, has a bunch more useful resources under the headings 'resources' and 'presentations' if you are interested  

Awesome ppt presentation.  I sent it to all of my diabetic friends.  Thanks!