Hello everyone! I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 17 years and am currently using a Minimed pump and CGM. My husband and I are TTC. I was diagnosed with PCOS a month or so ago (not fully convinced that is what I have) and have had the fertility testing work up (blood work and HSG).  Basically my period has been MIA since July. So basically I am just not ovulating on my own. She said she plan on putting me on Clomid after we look into one more thing.

So, as anyone been on Clomid? How long until you conceived? Any side effects? Did you use ovulation prediction strips too? Were you also on Metformin? My doctor said nothing about Metformin but I keep reading about people being on Clomid and Metformin. Thank you so much ladies!! :) I could use all the information I can get.


I didn't use Clomid, but I did use an Ovulation monitor to pinpoint my fertile days. It took a while for the monitor to know my body but, once it did we got pregnant that month. I used the Clearblue Ovulation Monitor

Thanks for the response!!! :)


I was diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago. I have a period, but my cycles greatly vary in length and I’m 99% sure I’m not ovulating. I’ve been thinking about having further fertility testing done with the goal of trying Clomid. How has it been going for you?

Hello!! I ended up going on Clomid. The doctor started me out on 50mg, which did nothing. I tookd it cycle day 3 through 7. They have you get blood work done on cycle days 21-23 to test your progesterone level. I did not have any side effects on the 50 mg. She then increased the dose, so I took 100mg of Clomid this past month. It did a little something but my progesterone levels were still not where they should be. I did have some side effects. I think I may have had a couple of hot flashes. I also had a lot of pelvic pain. I may have had a headache once or twice. But nothing was unbearable. It was worth it to me. I am not sure if she will bump me up to 150mg. She is talking about possible wanting to shut down my ovaries for a couple of months by going on birth control, and then trying the 150mg of Clomid. My husband and I have no interest in that plan though. So we shall see if we have to find another doctor! lol


Wow, that sounds so involved! I know that if it works, it’ll be worth it, but wow. That’s a lot of testing and stress.

:slight_smile: Involved is a good way of putting it. :slight_smile: But that is the way it will be if you take medication for infertility. From all what I have read online it is a pretty standard schedule when you take Clomid. You have to take it certain days of your cycle. You also have to get the progesterone levels checked. Some people have gotten even more testing done like ultrasounds and stuff.
Are you going on Clomid? Once you get once cycle down, it will not be as stressful because you know what to expect. Be prepared to be involved though!

I haven’t had any further fertility testing done yet, so Clomid is still pretty far down the road for me I think. I’m giving myself this month “off” from all of the charting and tracking. It’s all becoming too stressful. I’ll see how things go the next three months or so, then maybe get testing done after that.

Yeah. We got fertility testing done early in our TTC journey because my period disappeared after a couple months of stopping birth control. It basically came on two times and then went away. So I went to an ob/gyn and told her about my irregular periods and that we were TTC, and she started the testing process. I know many people have to wait at least a year of trying before being seen for fertility issues and we were only TTC for maybe 3-4 months.
I will admit is very stressful because you are so darn nervous of the results. I have really grown a lot since we first started our TTC journey.
And we decided to ditch the ob/gyn doctor though. We are hoping to see a fertility specialist soon!

Good luck with your new fertility specialist, @Smile101101!