CGM Receiver

Hi, I use a Dexcom cgm and was wondering if anyone had any creative ideas on where to carry/store the receiver. Thanks!

Hey! I use the Dexcom CGM too.  I'm a freshman in college so I usually carry the reciever in my bookbag when I go to class or just in my purse.  Since I keep my bag close to me it is usually pretty good and will still read.  I know that's not really creative but that's usually what I do :) how do you like the CGM?

My son uses a spibelt. They have some fun designs or are discreet enough to be worn under clothing. SPIBELT.COM.


Just in my pocket (I'm moving around at work, don't have a 'desk job') and on the table/couch at home. I'd love other ideas though...

i love the dexcom but it can be hard because I'm not always at my desk at work and don't always have pockets to put the receiver in (and I want to be able to access it easily without forgetting it anywhere). I actually bought a spibelt the other day, I haven't gotten it yet but I hear a lot of people really like them. Thanks for your ideas!