Business suit / attire

I'm new to this group and site. I generally haven't found good forums for diabetes discussion for adults, so I'm happy to be here.

I've been wearing suits and dress shirts a lot more often the past couple months. Moving up in the totem pole of life I guess (or down, depending on perspective). I get these abnormal jumps in BG by mid-morning. I start off at ~150mg/dL and by 11 or 12, its at 350. I haven't pinpointed whether this could be a problem with feeding my insulin pump line from my abdomen, under my shirt and back up between the shirt and pants. Its been difficult to keep a good log of BG and wardrobe. Has anyone heard of this problem?

Any guys (or girls) have suggestions of how to prevent the "tube tuck-in"?

-Dennis "Scientist"

You can try to put the tubing between the last two buttons on the shirt and either attach it to the waist or to a pant pocket.

The way you are threading your tubing sounds like what I do nearly every day. I doubt that is the problem since the tubing is pretty flexible without kinking. Have you tried adjusting your basal rates to accomodate the highs? 


Thanks Christine,

I agree now... I've done a very meticulous following of BG and attire (my calendar is extremely crowded and bizarre)


My interpretation is that it is more about "why" I am wearing business attire and not the mere fact that I'm wearing it. For example, a job interview, presentations, meeting people, traveling, all cause higher BG (I'm a sensitive guy it seems). The suit comes with the anxiety, but isn't the cause of high BG. With time now, I am more comfotable and it is less of a problem. As with most things diabetic, closer monitoring is doing the trick.

Thanks for all the suggestions!