Breastfeeding w/ diabetes?

So, my insulin requirements were much lower when I was first breastfeeding. Around 6 months when Adam started solids, they went up somewhat. Then, around 9 months, they went up again. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy Lantus amounts. I'm trying to wean him off his last 2 feedings (unfortunately, he doesn't seem to think that's a good idea to give up the one when he first wakes up, lol). Do you think my dose will stay the same or will those last 2 feedings push my sugars up a little more? I know everyone's body is different, but I thought maybe other people remember what happened to them.

Thanks! S

(P.S. Looking forward to a night away with my husband w/o the little guy once we get this worked out!!)

I breastfed until my son was 5 months. and I noticed a  difference in my insulin requirements when i stopped. I was constantly having low sugars when I would breastfeed so  i cut my lantus back quite alot but as soon as sean(my son) started eating solids at like 4 months and wasn't nursing quite so much I noticed my sugars creeping upwards and i had to slowly adjust my lantus during that month. as I weaned him to a bottle I was weaning myself onto more and more

Thanks Julia ...  I noticed you're in Culpepper from your bio. I'm in Alexandria.