Breastfeeding and going back to work - milk supply decreasing

Did any of you ladies notice a decrease in milk supply after being back at work for a few weeks?

Definitely.  For me pumping was not the same as nursing and I couldn't keep milk supply strong.  When I started back to work we went primarily to formula.  During the week I nursed in the morning and when I got home, on weekends I'd nurse about 4 times a day.  Just figure out what works for you.  

Make sure to drink a lot of water and keep blood sugars down.  That will help your milk supply.  Also don't be too quick to giving up nursing all together... it burns a ton of calories and helps to drop the baby weight.

I was able to maintain my milk supply as long as I drank a lot of water and made sure to pump as many times as I knew my son was eating in my absence. I also aimed for the same times in order to allow for my milk supply to build up again before I returned home to him. He usually wanted to eat pretty soon after smelling me walk in the door... haha.

When I took on a new job and my son was older, I did not follow this and my supply dropped. I was planning to wean him anyway and not only did that help it also got me pregnant with #2. (So plan carefully!)

THanks ladies...yeah I am going to try to start pumping a little more throughout the day.  She is such a snacker and won't nurse for a long time so for the three months I was home with her I would nurse her every two hours throughout the day.  At work I pump once in the morning then I drive home for lunch and feed her, then pump once in the afternoon and drive home and feed her but this week my supply has been really low when I pump.  Usually I can pump about 8 ounces in 20 minutes but now I am only producing about 3-5 ounces per pumping session...very frustrating.  I will try drinking a ton more water.  grrrr. I wonder if going off the pump has anything to do with it.  I am taking a one month break from the pump and switched back to needles and lantus..hmm

Congrats Danielle on baby #2!!!!

Thanks Nicole,

I've never heard of the pump vs lantus affecting milk supply. Please do let us know if you find official info on that. I would also suggest Mother's Milk tea and using warm compresses/having an item of baby's that smells like him/her with you when you pump in the office. It's easy for us to stay in work mode and if that's the case... harder to let down.

Best of luck!