Blood Sugar Sensitivity to Activity

I have found that my morning and afternoon blood sugars are extremely sensitive to my level of activity. I am currently 14 wks pregnant, and I first noticed that my blood sugars were higher during the workweek (I work at a desk). I would bottom out all weekend long and any time I exercised over lunch, but would have high sugars after breakfast during the workweek. So I tested the theory on a weekend. Instead of doing housework after breakfast this morning, I sat on the couch and read the paper. Sure enough I skyrocked to 140s within a half hour (was just under 70 before eating). So I got up and started cleaning. Within another half hour I was in the 120s and on my way down, according to my Dexcom. In another half hour I was bottoming out in the 50s. I have also found that I need to eat at least 30 free carbs before doing yoga (one hour of ashtanga yoga over lunch hour). Has anyone else experienced such sensitivity to level of activity?

Hi Theresa,

Im not currently pregnant but have had this problem for months. I also sit at a desk during the work week, but even on weekend mornings Im really not that active that it would explain why I need so much less insulin on the weekend mornings. I know now not to use my pump wizard as it would be way off on the weekends. I usually end up taking about 1/4 of the insulinĀ I would take for breakfast during the week. I talked to my Dr. about it and she said she has no explanation. Not sure if it's due to you being pregnant, or really for no reason like what Im experiencing :)