Blood Glucose Level 534

Help...  My 6 year old daughter had a blood glucose level of 534 before bed last night!  I gave her 3 units of insulin to bring it down but I am not sure how she got soooo high.  She had about 90 carbs for dinner but had 2 1/2 units of insulin which should have covered it and she was at 84 before dinner.  I am so confused. 

Of course you will need to check for ketones. Lots of water and plenty of exercise should help bring it down. My son's doctor has a help line when we experience these types of situations. Good luck and hope she's feeling okay


        Yes, I did check her ketones which were fine and did give her a lot of water.  I probably should have called the doctor but I had already spoke to them earlier about her numbers and they had made an adjustment to her breakfast insulin.  I am just feeling overwhelmed right now.  She is feeling fine.  Thanks.

It is shocking the first time you see a really high number. (Over 400 still shocks me, everytime.) But you did the right thing. (Checked for ketones, gave her water, gave correction insulin.) It is possible you miscounted the carbs or if it was a high fat meal too (in addition to high carb) that can cause the spike to be delayed. Or maybe she is coming down with something - often my son's BGs will start to rise a day or even 2 days before he actually shows any other symptoms of being ill. Or it was just a freak occurrence. I know it is frustrating but they happen and after enough of them you'll be able to just go 'what the heck?", do the corrections, and then move on the next check, knowing that sometimes, that is just the way D is.

Not a parent just a Club 1. Wash hands??? I still forget, then wash and low and behold I am better. LOL

Washing hands has become my first reaction to a high blood sugar, even a little bit of sugar left from a prior meal can dramatically tweak the results. Once my daughter called me from school because her bg was in the high 300's. I had her wash and test again, and she was perfectly in range.

I realize this is an old post, but in case anyone reads these:  90 carbs is alot of carbs, and she is on such a low dose of insulin but I realize that dose must be her normal range.  Is she on a pump?  Also ou should not exercise when your BG is over 300,  there is not enough fuel for the bodies cells to use for energy, and you will begin to produce ketones.