Birth control and type I

I have conflicts between my religion and what it says about using birth control, other than natural family planning.

I feel that if my doctor (who is very good) were to tell me that I should not have any more children (most likely after a pregnancy or two, down the road) that I would listen to her. I want to maintain my health.

In a case such as this (rare indeed), I think using bc would be okay. My thought is that it wouldn't be about being selfish or non-giving, but rather protecting health while still being able to share the wonderful expression of love between a husband and wife.

Has anyone dealt with this? I need to get my boyfriend (who is very religious and anti-bc) to understand this if our relationship is going to go farther.  Has anyone been able to successfully use natural family planning alone to avoid unwanted pregnancies? I question if having diabetes would hinder the effectiveness.

Thanks in advance...I'm trying hard to find greater understanding that I can then communicate.


Hi Laurie,

I have always felt conflicted about birth control as well.  Not necessarily for religious beliefs, but the idea of taking something that is not medically necessary, that comes with some possible complications on top of what diabetes causes, well, scares me! I feel like I already have such a huge risk of having horrible complications and I do not want to compound that. 

I don't know what I will do if/when a doctor tells me that I should not get pregnant for my health's sake, but I know many many people who have had multiple children while following the natural family planning method.  It just isn't reliable for some people.  I do know that when the time comes to think about birth control options, it will be something that my husband and I sit down and talk about together to come up with a plan.

I hope this helps! I know I don't have any real "answers", but I do understand your hesitations and it is good for you to look into possible solutions now, rather than later.

I know from my own experience that my doctors have always told me that because of the diabetes it is imperative to plan a pregnancy well in advance.  My doctors have said a year of tight control before attempting to get pregnant is the safest way to have a healthy pregnancy.  Because of that, I've chosen to use the Mirena IUC as a birth control method.  I know that it is a difficult decision especially if there are religious reasons, but I would recommend talking to your religious advisor (pastor, priest, etc.) and I'm sure they would be able to guide you in making a decision. 

I hope that you find an answer you can live with...

Hi Sarah and Suzanne,

  Thank you SO much! I definitely need to talk with my doctor and eventually an OBGYN. It is so hard to get across how exceptional of a situation type I diabetes is when it comes to pregnancy. Admittedly, most people use birth control for selfish reasons. I have to believe though that in a case of medical concern, it's a different situation.

   When it comes down to it, if my boyfriend can't understand that I may have to make a decision that conflicts with what he believes, he'll have to accept it. I remember that he doesn't know what it's like to live with this day in and day out and also that he doesn't have any idea about complications. My #1 goal with my diabetes is to prevent them! I think I will be able to hopefully have a baby, but having this understanding ahead of time for after is so essential.

   Gotta keep finding ways to get him to realize the difference when it's medical!