Bg level after food


i am using medtronic insulin pump. As i checked blood sugar after food it shows 227. I took 3.5 unit of blous nova rapid. Fasting was 138. And i took .5 correction unit at 8.50 fr that. Is it my blood sugar after meal is quite high? eventhough nova rapid bolus have peak acting time after 2 hrs frm when it is taken. Is it best to keep bg level after meal of 2 hrs at 140-180 range?

it is called a post-prandial high, common to type 1 diabetics. I use Humalog, but I don’t know of any fast-acting insulin that can track the fast rise in blood glucose after a meal. One way to reduce it is to eat non-fast carbs, like vegetables, whole grains, beans, and certain fruits, and avoid regular bread, rice, pasta, white potatoes. Another way, since you have a medtronic pump that allows you to set a bolus, and/or an extended or “square-wave bolus” (a bolus in which insulin is delivered over a period of time), you can give yourself a combo bolus, with about 2/3 the insulin immediately and the other 1/3 over the next hour. You can play with the ratio for each individual case and amount of food. I usually wait a half hour to eat to give the insulin time to get into the bloodstream. But that itself varies with the infusion site.

Also, if you had exercise before eating, take a smaller dose at mealtime, but still give an extended dose to cover high-carb meals.

hello @anjujose - I agree with @davyboy. I also wanted to add that diabetes is a bit of a science experiment, so you have to try things and make observations.

along with a strategy that slows down carb absorption and mixed or square bolus to cover it (to flatten out that post-meal high glucose)… I have found that a simple thing like a 15-20 minute walk right after a meal can also make a huge difference with fast carbs. please be careful, because even mild exercise with insulin on board can make you really low.

yes if you were shooting for 100% perfect control your blood sugar should never go over 140… or under 60… ever which is a very tiny target. good luck