Best belt for insulin pump!

My 8 year old of daughter has major sensory issues. She is also a competitive dancer and we are looking for a great solution for her tandem insulin pump and how to wear it. She currently is using a spybelt that she will only wear with a tank top under it because she says the belt itself is too itchy when it touches her skin. I was looking at different belts that will hold her pump that are stretchy fabric all around. Does anyone have any recommendations on brands that seem to be soft but also stay up and have not too much bounce to them while exercising. That’s another issue she has with the spy belt…it moves too much on her while she dancing. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Stephanie @Steff1081, welcome back!

I have two belts, one a DexCom belt, adjustable, with a zipper pouch that keeps my pump firmly in place around my “middle” - high or low. It is a rather stiff material with plastic snap-fasteners. The pouch is large enough to hold both my Tandem t-Slim and my Dexcom receiver - or telephone.

My other belt, which I bought at the Medtronic Store 15 years ago [and still serviceable] is made of a heavy felt material, very flexible, pliable, and comfortable and fastens with sewed-on Velcro strips. It was made for the 500 series MiniMed pumps which are just a bit larger, thicker than the t-Slim.

I’ve worn both of these pump-belts on the beach, playing about, working hard, and during surgery. I know dance competition involves much motion [our granddaughter has been a dance competitor for 15 years], and your daughter does not need any additional competition from her pump, so I would strongly suggest the less-restrictive Medtronic pouch.

My daughter uses a belt from Tallygear ( They can custom make in the size you need and you can get different numbers of pouches for pump, phone etc. They are very secure and durable. We have ordered several from them over the last 4 years.

Hi Stephanie. I bought a Spibelt for a trip we took to Hawaii last year so I could wear my pump with a tankini while on a half-day kayak trip. It worked well for that purpose but, to your point, is not tight fitting or flat enough to conceal. I also bought a StashBanz (Search: 4 results found for "medical device belt" – StashBandz®) which is GREAT! I wear it under shorts or jeans when I don’t want my pump clipped to my belt where it usually is. There are a ton of StashBanz options; I bought their medical device belt. It comes in a ton of colors! It hugs my waist/high hips and the pump lays flat after I remove the clip and skin. I bought a small and am a Women’s size 6. Their XS = women’s 0. Hope this helps!


Just a comment regarding the Medtronic pump bags / pouches. The original ones that we purchased (over the course of the last 5-10 years ) were made of a soft, pliable material that also was very durable. A more recent pouch that we purchased from Medtronic (approx. 1 year ago) is much stiffer, almost has an embedded frame. It remained stiff even after I took a pliers to it and removed a metal belt clip, as we intended to thread a belt through its loops and not use the metal clip.

If your daughter has sensory issues, you might like to have a chat with Medtronic before you purchase. I was very surprised and disappointed by the stiff framework of the new-ish Medtronic pouch, to the point where it has spent the last year sitting on a shelf.

Difficult to believe anyone could screw up a Workhorse product like a soft, pliable, durable pump pouch but … there you have it.

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Hi, I use a flipbelt that is made of a stretchy material that you can wear on your waist or hips over or under your clothing. It doesn’t move when you exercise. If you sweat while exercising you’ll need a backup one. Good luck!