Basketball Try OUTS!

Hey guys i need some tips on what type of excersises can i do 2 build muscle and get faster so i can make the basketball team for JV.

Some of the best exercises for basketball that I recommend are the following:

Suicides (Start at one baseline and run to the free-throw line and back then to half-court and back then the far free-throw line and back then the opposite basline and back). Also try suicides but instead of running try shuffling.

Box Jumps. Use something 24" in height and do three sets of ten.


I am 6'1, 205 lbs, and 36 years old. While I can't dunk like I could in my late teens and early 20's, I can still get up and grab the rim with two hands pretty easily. I contribute my abilities to the fact that I do Cross Fit. It has helped with my exlosiveness, speed, and endurance. I know a lot of others who do Cross Fit that play basketball and they love it. Also a lot of college basketball programs implement a lot of the exercises used in Cross Fit in their programs (especially the box jumps).




Thankyou Mr.Jason.I will definatley start doing these excersises.