Back to School Planning

Although many of you who have children with diabetes have already put matters in hand for return to school, I think it may be appropriate to once again provide this link with the annual Joslin Diabetes Center’s guide.

The series includes links to other valuable resources.

Here’s also a good guide for teachers and coaches to have when they have a diabetic student. Please look at my website for further education at:


I have also recently started a Facebook page for my platform TEAM Live with Type One. This is a great resource for anyone who is diabetic! Pleases check it out by searching for Team Live with Type One.

Thank You!

So strange, I had just tried to post a topic relating to this topic but for some reason it did not want to load. If you are like me and to the parents who are struggling to get a 504 plan in place for your child. Keep fighting!! no one knows your child better than you do and do not let them tell you “accommodations” are enough for your child`s safety. Here is the thing at any point of time accommodations can be granted or taken away. For some reason “some” schools are under the impression 504 plans are not for ele. students? Please other parents if you have run into the same issues that I am having now. Give input ASAP on what else to do, I have advocated for my daughter strongly i do not intend to back down.