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I am moving on to get 504 plan for my son. I am very nervous about this plan. One reason is language barrier. I don’t speak and understand English well, I am the immigrant here. Besides, I am the only person who takes care of his needs. I am exhausted. Sigh… but I want to get a good 504 plan for him. How to get a good 504 for him? Is there any advocate to help us? Should I draft this plan? Where to get template? What steps I should follow? I am so new to this topic, I even can not formulate what question I should ask.

Hello @Glucosebee the JDRF is one place to start. You can go to this link.

I have a 504 plan for my son - he doesn’t have diabetes. I used his doctor and his diagnosis as the basis. The doctor wrote what was necessary and that set up accommodations for the teachers, classrooms, communication, even what has to happen on the bus. I hope the link is useful.


Also if I’m not mistaken, while the overall purpose of the plan is the same regardless of where you are located, the actual wording may vary by state. So your doctor should be a good place to start, with access to the documents for your area.

@Glucosebee , one place you may be able to find in-person help, Advocacy, is through the JDRF Chapter - I included a link with information for you a few days ago.

For instance, there is a member of the JDRF group where I visit who will go to schools where children with diabetes and attempt to inform staff about living with diabetes and help with 504 plans.

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Hello. I understand how very overwhelming navigating school is in combination with just navigating diabetes for your child. When my son was diagnosed I was able to find out about 504 plan from another parent who had a type 1 child in our school. Since then I was able to feel comfortable and confidant in presenting our school district and schools all the way through high school, sports teams as well as helping my kids (yes I have a daughter who was diagnosed later) all the way through college. If you would like I have copies of the letters and the plan sheets provided by our local district. Feel free to email me and we can correspond.

Hello Vdenerson,
I greatly appreciate your understanding. Please email me these documents and I really need these. My son stay home recently and I have not talked wi to the school and district yet since I feel very unsafe to communicate with them right now. I am going to email you right now. Thank you!!!

Hi @Glucosebee . @vdenerson gave me a thought - there may be other students at your son’s school who also have diabetes. The school will not be able to share their names with you for privacy reasons, but if you ask them to share your info and your son’s so they could reach out, I don’t think there would be a problem. It would be helpful and reassuring for your son to know he’s not alone, and they could encourage each other. And sometimes other people recognize before we do the signs that we are going low or high - they don’t have to be fellow diabetics but that could be even more helpful.
The school nurse would be the one to make the arrangements I imagine.

I answered on your other thread, at length.

The principal or delegated 504 administrator will have a form for you. You just need a letter from the doctor affirming diagnosis.

Let me know if you cannot find my other, long reply.