It has come to my attention that one of my extra-curricular activities may not be appropriate for the General public I mentioned that I shot a rifle the other day, faced a fear. Let me explain, for hose of you that don’t know, my 73rd. birthday is this month, I am female , below the knee amputee and in a wheelchair, that’s just the stuff you see… My instructors say I am the perfect victim. I choose not to be so I got my CCP and I took my 6th JuJitsu lesson last month in a wheelchair. For those of you that may think my shooting a rifle is not right, I don’t kill “Anything” and all of our critters are rescues. I belong to a group called “The Next Step peer mentoring” see us on Facebook. we are all in wheelchairs. and we all have decided not to be victims. For those of you that hide inside or are afraid to do things “in Case” take some pro active courses and live again and dump the fear, for those of you that think I may have been inappropriate, I am so very sorry and for those of you that think I may be a little nuts but support my decision to take action, A big thank you. I am off to join the circus, wish, anyway have a great day, sorry if I upset anyone that was not my intention. Have a great day. Jan

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What’s a CCP? I’m one, but I have a feeling that it’s not the same as yours.

Nick T.

Are you ready for this, at my age. Carry concealed permit, I took all the classes and tests. As I said I am choosing not to be a victim, besides I am married to a Marine, once a Marine always a Marine, sgt. no less. He thought it was a good idea, now I belong to a group and we are all in wheelchairs. Is it the same as yours? Let me know jan

I like it. I was a certified clinical perfusionist before I retired. I drove the heart-lung machine in heart surgery.

I am so glad, as I said before sometimes my remarks maybe a little out there but I am not as afraid as I used to be. Had a fatal heart attack while in recovery from ankle surgery spent a total of 12 1/2 minutes on the other side, interesting trip… Your ccp and mine are two different things but in certain cases both ccp’s can be life saving. Thanks for the support. Have a great day. Bye Jan