Anyone have bad luck with pregnancies?

I have had 4 pregnancys (2 successfull (the first 2)) and now 2 not so good outcomes.  I am trying to get pregnant one last time.  But, I just don't know if I can do this for the next 9 months.  But, I am going to try one more time.  3rd stike and I am out.......

My ob says it isn't the DM 1, we will never know......frustrating parts of miscarriage and pregnancy loss.  Endo says I had really good control, probably not the DM.  So, I am going to do this but don't want to tell anyone!  Isn't this horrible......I am talking to complete strangers what I won't even share with my mother or sister.  I appreciate any advice or words of wisdom, cause I will need it!


I have not been pregnant at all yet but am scared silly!!!!  You had miscarriages the last 2 pregnancies?  Very sorry to hear that.  How did you do with your first two?


Kristin-Sorry, I do not want to scare anyone!  I just am afraid myself......My first 2 pregnancy's were great.  Both of the kids I was induced at 35-36 weeks due to placental issues and loss of amniotic fluid.  Otherwise I really didn't have much for issues, considering it was years ago.  My daughter is 8, so she was conceived prior to CGMS.  My son, is 5 and he again was before home CGMS was really approved.  One miscarriage was early at 9 weeks and the last was at 20 weeks. My docs again don't know why and much really can't be explained.  But they have all said unlikely from DM 1 due to good control through pregnancies.  Pregnancy is a lot of work, and I am getting older, so maybe it is that too.  But I am only 33 yrs, so it isn't like I am really high risk due to age, yet!  Karen

Don't worry you didn't scare me with your story, I am just scared in general.  It seems like a lot of work, and I am terrified of what will happen if I have high sugars every once in a while that I can't control. Did you have some sugars that ran high a few times during pregnancy? It seems like they are going to happen no matter what, every now and then.


  Your right, that was really the hardest thing for me when I was pregnant, is really all of the feelings of guilt and shame when my blood sugars would not cooperate.  We do have to realize that we could eat the same thing for 9 months and have different glucose levels every day.  I am not perfect either and there were times were it was really difficult to cope with all the ups and downs of it all.  I will have to say that my two children were worth all the hard work!  Well, most days.......seriously, they are wonderful, but like all, have their days.  I think with the cgms and new system of low predictions and high predictions, I have really been able to keep on track with it all.  The most important this is to correct any high and do it is often as needed but not overcorrect.  THe other thing that has been really helpful for me is setting my missed bolus reminders, especially if I am not using the sensor!  If my number is above 100 mg'/dl pre meal, I take  my insulin 15 min before the meal.  If it is higher than 130, I take it 30 min before the meal.  Otherwise my post meals will spike into the 200-240's.  If my number is <100, I take it right before eating.  It bits to delay the meal, but for me, I can't keep my numbers down if I don't start out "right." 

Have you gotten the ok to start trying?  I had the mirena taken out in Nov., so I really don't know when things will "work."  But, I really would like to get this going, this will be the last pregnancy.  I usually like my summer s off, so if things don't happen, I am not sure what to do!  Get over having the summer off, as my due date now would be in Sept.  Did you get lots of snow?  We got dumped on this weekend, 16 inches of beautiful white wet snow.  Fun for the kids, but now it is freezing!  Thanks for your support!  Karen


I have had one miscarriage and I am frustrated at not geting pregnant yet and afraid of having another miscarriage :(