Any pump and GCM suggetions. Pro's and Cons?

Hi I’m rachel and i’ve only been a T1D for 3 months and looking at pumps and GCM’s. I would like some suggestions. I’m also allergic to adhesive so the ones that have adhesive wouldn’t be in my best interest. I would also love to here about the pro’s and cons of each one to get a better idea of them. I know that some sites don’t work on the body so I’m gonna have to figure that out as well I know that pumps can expire.

@Racheltoner hi Rachel, every single pump on the market uses adhesives. Some pumps, for example Omnipod, use glue and you stick the whole pump to you and it stays stuck for 3 days.

other pumps, for example Medtronic, you use an “infusion set” which has adhesive to hold in place, and the pump which is generally in your pocket or clipped to your clothing.

here’s an example of omnipod

here is the infusion set and pump from Medtronic

you should absolutely try them first - Omnipod will give you an empty pod to stick to yourself to try

medtronic can send you a infusion set and you can stick it to you without the insertion needle to try to see if you are sensitive to the adhesive.

All CGM use adhesives as well.

good luck

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Hi Rachel @Racheltoner.
@Joe gave you a really good suggestion and explained adhesive requirement well - too bad about your allergy but a pump and CGM may still be possible for you.

Your other question about advice / suggestions as to which pump I’ll offer this. Currently in the US of A you have the choice of only three manufacturers / suppliers; Insulet, Medtronic and Tandem. Medtronic has several options, Tandem and Insulet have only one each. You should really go on the advice of your diabetes care team; I could give you suggestions if I knew your lifestyle, your activities. Do a little research [really good stuff on-line] and let us know which way you are leaning.

Some sort of topical steroid like flonase spray or betamethasone lotion applied to the skin before sticking the devices to your skin may help prevent irritation. I am fine with the three day pump applications, but most CGMs like the Dexcom and Guardian 3 are supposed to be in place for 7-10 days. The steroid helps me handle the Guardian 3 sensors with little to no redness or itching.