Anxiety and depression for younger children (under 10)

I am new to this site and hope I'm not asking a duplicate question, but I am wondering if other parents are noticing anxiety and depression in their young children with type 1 diabetes? 

My son was diagnosed at two and is now 10. He seems to have symptoms of depression (not sleeping, not eating, worrying about dying, irritable, angry, crying) that re-occur often. We have accessed play therapy, child life specialists with our pediatric clinic, counselors to address each time. I guess I just wonder if other children experience this? If anyone has any tips for how they respond to their kids. 

I think its some what normal for all kids D or not to have periods where they are worried about dieing. The rest yeah my daughter is like that on and off and she was dxed mid December. I think part is just her blood sugars they are high more often than normal at this point still but she does have high anxiety as well. When her numbers are high she will get worried or cry. Part I still think is just because she is high but part she gets worried or stressed when she is high. I dont react to her highs really so I am not sure why she does. Oh and my daughter is 9.