Annoying Misconceptions of diabetes?

It often bothers me when people lump T2D in with T1. People now have all these misconceptions that I gave myself it and should diet to get rid of it. Drives me nuts!
I especially hate the commercials that say something on the lines of "Obesity leads to diabetes"
If you’re going to inform the public make sure it is accurate! You cannot give yourself T1D ! insert winking face emoji

What are some misconceptions or stupid comments about T1D you’ve heard? (I have tons more LOL)

Oh my gosh I know exactly what you mean!
I understand they think that because they just don’t know, but it drives me crazy.
I’ve actually had people say “but you’re not fat!” When I tell them I’m diabetic. Which is totally unfair to T2D because a lot of the time it’s hereditary, and they aren’t actually overweight.
I think most of this ignorance is due to our media and how it portrays everything. I mean, T1 and T2 aren’t even the same type of disease. T1 is autoimmune, and T2 is… Not. I don’t really know what it’s classified as either…
It’s just super frustrating when people ask me why I don’t just take a pill.

Hai Everyone…
Even I too have heard a lot of stuff regarding T1D in this period of 18 years…
The thing is, most of the people around me aren’t aware much of T1D and the most wildest thing I have heard regarding this is when my History Madam once said that T1D is the condition in which your bone starts melting…Isn’t tat too strange to hear…And it drove my brains to hell when all my friends turned their sympathetic eyes towards me…TERRIBLE !!!

“Wait! You can’t eat that!” (Yes, yes I can.)
“But you don’t look like you have Diabetes.” (Oh, sorry, I forgot to wear my “dead pancreas” shirt.)
“My grandpa had diabetes too.” (He had T2D so this leads to the person thinking that they’re smarter than me.)
“You know, if you went on a diet you could be healthy again.” (Oh really? Thanks, I thought I was a T1D.)
“So if you eat this banana you die?” (Eats the banana Totally.)

An annoying misconception about type 1 diabetes is when it is confused with type 2 diabetes. When I tell someone I have diabetes, I can tell they begin to think differently about me. They relate me to their grandma or their dog or someone they know with type 2 and it is annoying. They automatically think I brought diabetes upon myself. Another annoying misconception about diabetes is that someone with diabetes uses it as an excuse. Many people don’t understand the danger of a low blood sugar and try to tell me I’m being dramatic. They think I am using a low as an excuse to get out of doing something.

I am 15 and the most annoying thing I hear that drives me absolutely bonkers is when people say I can not eat sugar and start offering me all this sugar free stuff! Its nice that they are thinking about me and “caring” but it get insanely annoying. Another thing I have had someone say to me is how their grandma or cousin died and lost a leg due to T1D and that I will lead a short life… wow… … thanks…

  1. Them: “My aunt has Diabetes.” Me:“Yeah? T1 or T2?” Them: “The one you’re born with.”
  2. “We should go out for ice cream! Oh, sorry…I forgot you can’t”
  3. “Wait, you’ve had Diabetes for 9 years? When will it go away?”
  4. Teacher: “No food in class.” Me: “I’m diabetic.” Teacher: “Well, eat that after class, then.”
  5. “Now that you have Diabetes, you must be eating a lot healthier, so that’s good!”

Oh my god, all of the above are so accurate! I’ve had T1 for 5 and a half years, and most of my friends understand now. Some still don’t quite get it, and the misconceptions drive me up the wall.

I agree, the most common is definitely the mix up with T1 and T2. It needs to be widely known that they are two separate things, so we aren’t looked at funnily, as if we don’t take care of our selves and our diets when we bring up the topic of diabetes.

When your teacher doesn’t let you go to sort out your blood sugars, because they don’t see it as a problem as it doesn’t effect their lesson. Or to the bathroom when your blood sugars are high. Or to eat food in lesson when you’re low.

Idiots making the ‘contagious’ joke, or actually being that dumb-witted to think it really is.

We cannot outgrow it, and we ourselves/insulin cannot cure it. We didn’t eat something that gave us T1. We weren’t lazy kids. Do some research, people! :slight_smile:

I definitely have heard so many misconceptions of diabetes! I’m so sick and tired of hearing them over and over again. Some of the ones I’ve heard include: “How do you have diabetes…you’re not fat?”, “Did you get it from eating too much sugar?”, “Are you sure you can it that”, “Do you have the worse kind?”, and so many more. People should really be more considerate before making assumptions and speaking before they think!!

I once had a sub try to take my food away when my blood sugar had crashed during the middle of an exam. That went well (not). She didn’t believe me when I said I had t1d until half of my class looked at her and backed me up. Later she said “Sorry, I didn’t realize … you look ‘normal.’”

This was like when I was first diagnosed and someone at my church gave out food. She gave everyone graham crackers. But she gave me a cheese stick.