Always High

My BS is always between between 200 and over 500. I don’t do anything to make it go that high, but it always is! Any explanation?

Amanda @AAT1D, it may not be in the 200 to 500 range because of something you are doing, it may be because of something you are NOT doing. Are these readings an hour or two AFTER your meals?

My urgent suggestion, especially if the 200 - 500 readings are before meals, is that you talk very soon with a good endocrinologist and try to formulate an approach to bring you BG down some. For instance, the amount of insulin that was prescribed for you when diagnosed at age 8 is most not sufficient for you at age 13 - your body, everyone’s body, is constantly changing and you may need more insulin, of insulin at different times, to counteract your developing hormones.
I’m not a medical doctor, so please don’t act on anything I suggest with out talking to medical professionals who know you.

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They are after I exersise and other times during the day.

Thanks Amanda.
If I engage in strenuous exercise - anaerobic rather than aerobic - my glucose tends to rise. What causes this, a very basic explanation, is that my muscles tend to give off signals saying they are being starved so my body does what is designed - tells my liver to release glucose / glucagon into my blood stream to feed those muscles.
right now, I try to stay alert to a “burning” sensation in my muscles when working out and stop or change my activity to something else.

Thx Dennis for the help. :slight_smile:

@AAT1D hi yea, Amanda… if always means every single test pre-meal and otherwise… it’s time to go to the doctors office.

things that make me high: stress, the flu, eating and forgetting to take insulin, not taking enough insulin, Chinese food (especially General Tso chicken but that sauce is sooo good), and anytime I am on an airplane.

Also, working out over 300 can be really bad for you. ketones and all.

i’m always stressed so…

I may help to learn relaxation techniques, things like meditation, Yoga, or prayer (if that fits your beliefs). This helps reduce the tension that raises your bg. ANY anxiety can easily raise you form 100 to 300 or more very fast. Unfortunately when this happens it may have a payback sometime later, perhaps an hour or 2. Thing is that the glucagon that the pancreas released to get glycogen (which turns immediately into glucose) will need to be repaid when the body settles down, and that may drive you low suddenly. Real bothersome if you don’t understand it happens.

I saw no mention of CGM. With a CGM you can VERY easily correlate reasons for BG trends.

That said, I also saw no mention of increased basal. If you are ALWAYS high, you probably just need more basal insulin.

Wait so doing exercise when your blood sugar is over 300 is bad?

sorry I’m just wondering cause I have the same problems. I feel like I’m always high. Right now I’m sick so I understand that has some things to do with it, but I take my insulin before i start to eat and I double heck the amount and everything

Hey Joe. No I mean like when I get up and after gym class @ school.

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yea, it can be.

the way I understand it is this: if your bs is high, you have a general lack of insulin… working out will increase the requirement for cell metabolism, which may trigger(with the lack of insulin) conversion of fats and even muscle which creates ketones and can reduce blood pH. Left unchecked, DKA is possible or even happens faster.

before anyone gets excited I accept that this is a simplified answer.

if there is even a little bit of insulin, the problem can quickly resolve itself because with insulin (and exercise) the sugar can be converted to cell fuel. Keep in mind that excess insulin and exercise can easily cause fast BS drops… or “crash”.

I was explained, that if your sugar is over 250, you should:

  1. check for ketones with a urine stick. (if ketones are present, do NOT exercise) (then follow procedure established with your doctor in case of ketones)

  2. if no ketones, you can start exercising, however you need to check appx 15 minutes after you started, to make sure your blood sugar is going down, and not up. If going down, great. if it goes up, stop exercising.

hope it helps!