After 12 years I am still a crappy diabetic

I dont know what my problem is. I have a good life but I cant get my head out of my ass and take care of my diabetes. My wife is getting mad at me because I will die and make her a single mother. I need someone to talk to…

The fact that you’re reaching out is a big step-in the right direction. I’ve been T1 for only 5 years, but every day I have an event (or 2 or 6) that makes me feel crappie too. I eat potato chips instead of glucose tablets when I’m having a low. I have a couple of extra cheat meals when my BS levels are all over the map. But with each setback, I try to tell myself that tomorrow is not promised-so I have to do the best I can today. You have to take it one day at a time, and look for something…anything that can motivate you to do your best. I’m single with no kids, so I try to look where I can for that. You wife and children can be a great inspirational source (I’m guessing here). Also remember that you are not alone in this

Hey, ice cold!

I totally agree with dmannone. It’s important to find positive inspiration in your loved ones.

On a more negative note, I’ve found that really researching diabetes complications in detail has honestly scared the crap out of me. Every time I want to fall off the wagon or DO, I get out my phone and start googling. It’s sort of along the lines of those drug abuse D.A.R.E. classes, or when my health teacher showed us that horrible slide show of STDs in high school. Fear, though unpleasant, is a great motivator.

It’s also hard to control your diabetes when you are around people who don’t support you or don’t know how. Make sure, even if you don’t want to go crazy talking to your friends about your diabetes, you at least have a support system. Reaching out on JDRF is a great start!

Good luck :+1:t3:

I can SOOO relate to your situation. I was diagnosed at 8 years old and once I hit my teens I basically was playing Russian Roulette withy health. I am 42 years old now and have 2 kids.

I have had periods of good control and periods of “I don’t give a shit.” About 2 years ago I decided enough was enough and started doing everything I could to keep my blood sugars under control. But after so many lucky years of no complications they suddenly started to hit me. I am paying for my many years of trying to ignore the diabetes.

Being diagnosed with T1D is tough. And the changes to our lives are immense. One thing I learned is that depression can hit hard and you may not even realize it. Sometimes people cope with stress by avoiding the stresser. As a teen, I tried to avoid the diabetes by eating whatever I wanted. That was my coping mechanism.

I am not saying you are depressed by the way. But be aware that it is very common in diabetics because of everything we have to manage. This disease sucks and its a big pain to deal with. My mantra every day is "It could ALWAYS be worse. "

Figure out how you can own this disease and not let it own you. (I buy funny diabetic tshirts to make fun of the disease. Humor helps!) Diabetes does NOT define you. Its just a part of you.

You can deal with this and I think you are doing a fabulous job of making efforts to own your diabetes. You are on this site which is a great step! You can do this!! And we are all here to support each other so reach out on tough days. You got this!

Hey there. I know you posted this a long time ago, but I am new here. Literally joined today! I have been a diabetic for 4 years and I am only a teenager, but I am still a crappy diabetic myself. I eat without injecting, forget to check my blood sugar, NEVER change my needles, and refuse to use a pump. I think everyone is kind of a bad diabetic at times, but I also believe that every diabetic can be a normal one. You admitting to your crappy actions is one of the best things you can do. Stay strong, and remember, we all can be crappy at times even if we don’t mean to be.