Advice on glucose monitors

Hi! I recently changed jobs which comes with it the dreaded change of insurance and tracking down how to order your supplies. With this I need to change glucose monitors. I get to choose from the family of OneTouch - any advice on the Verios? I’ve seen mixed reviews and want to make the right choice. Any input is welcomed.

Thanks - Karen

Hi Karen!

I have a OneTouch Verio IQ. I have this model because 1) it’s what my insurance covers strips for and 2) it’s the only model the pharmacy had in stock. Yay being a diabetic :slight_smile:

I have not had any problems with this model in terms of reliability or accuracy, it has served me well. One thing I don’t particularly like about the IQ is that the test strips require you to load blood into the side, instead of into the top of the strip like my old meter. This is supposed to make things easier, but for some reason it’s actually more awkward for me to try to tip it over on its side. I’ve adjusted to it, though.

The IQ also has a feature where it will identify patterns for you. So, if you’re high before dinner a couple nights in a row, you’ll get an alert saying “you have a pattern of being high around this time.” Once again, I don’t really care for this feature-I’ve never found it was telling me something I didn’t know. However, I know some people really like it and have said it has made them aware of patterns they hadn’t previously recognized.

Good luck!


Thanks so much Christa - this is very helpful

Hi Karen,

I too found myself in a similar situation when United Health stopped paying any subsidy on Contour Next test strips and I had to switch meters. My doctor gave me a One touch Verio which works OK but it doesn’t link to my pump - a tremendous drawback.

I agree with Christa’s assessment of the Verio and will also add that in addition to being awkward, especially at first, I find I have many wasted test strips; the Contour allows a second attempt to properly load tests strips which really is a plus when I get up at 3 AM. For the most part, the “in range” and other fancy stuff programmed in the meter, except for “patterns” is meaningless for a Type One.

Another “gripe” I have about the One Touch is the exceedingly high cost - 60% higher than Contour - and the insurer insists on including the inflated higher retail cost [not what the insurer actually pays] in my “Total Annual Cost” for determining Medicare stoppage of payment.

I agree with Dennis, I do waste more strips than I’d like due to blood loading errors. I really prefer strips that have a line that you can clearly see when the blood reaches it. With the Verio IQ strips, you just have to fill the blood all the way to the other side of the strip. Something about the gold color of the strips makes it kind of hard to see, especially in lower light, which is unfortunate. Once again, not a major hassle, but not ideal either.

I’ve only ever used the OneTouch Verio IQ so I don’t have any other comparison but it has served me well thus far. I will agree that the side loading is a little awkward at first but not too bad. It took a little bit to get the strips figured out but now I almost never waste a strip, maybe one in the last 5 months? I have also never used the pattern recognition capability but I’m guessing someone finds it useful. It does have a nice color screen that is easy to read and it is fairly thin. It is rechargeable which I think is probably a plus. It also has a light on the top for nighttime testing, though it’s not the brightest, but hey it has one.

Best of luck!