Adjusting night time dosage

I have had a few episodes where I am low (50-60’s)in the morning and making a grab for my glucose tabs. Usually, it happens if I have IOB when I go to bed but my blood sugar is 120-150. Someone suggested dialing my pump back to 80% during the night. That way I might be a little higher in the morning when I get up, but it usually levels out after breakfast. Does anybody else have this issue and how do you deal with it?

Hi @PumpDiva23,

The first thing that comes to mind, from my experience, is to set your your earlier nasal rates at a lower per hour rate. I don’t know about you, but for me a rate change per hour of 0.025 units makes a difference. between midnight and when I get up for breakfast, I have three different basal rates, increasing to cover my “dawn phenomenon”.

A thought: gave you recently done some “fasting” to assure yourself that your basal rates are correct? If basal rates are correct, I have 8 basal rate changes each day, you should be able to go without eating and without bolus for an entire day - yes, a lot of work to get settings correct nut worth the effort. Your body needs will most likely change from season to season and you will need to tweek basal rates.

My basal rates are never the same when I visit the Endocrinologist as they were 3 months prior - so she just asks for changes I made and why. I have a couple of good worksheets - actually Medtronic sheets - I use periodically to validate my basal rates.

That used to happen to me all the time, almost exactly how you described. I dialed my basal rate back at night, and it helped a ton. I am sometimes a little higher in the mornings, but usually not above 150. I would recommend you try adjusting your nighttime basal, and see how that helps. Are you on a CGM? If you can see when your rates really start to fall that can help a lot too.