Acne & Blood sugar

Hi friends,

This post is targeted towards those who struggle with acne due to their diabetes- I eat very well, but I still go low from time to time and have to treat the low with some sort of sugar. I want to cut out sugar since it can contribute to acne, but that feels impossible since low bgs happen. Does anyone have a particular snack that they use for lows that doesn’t contribute to acne breakouts? I know tighter blood sugar control generally means less chances of breaking out on a regular basis. Any advice at all is appreciated, thank you!

So I don’t have acne really so I’m not sure if this would help with it but I am on WW where a lot of people have tried to find healthier alternatives to low snacks. A lot of type 1 diabetics on there swear that unsweetened apple sauce brings their lows up quick. I’ve never tried it as I don’t like applesauce so I can’t verify but might be worth a shot with a mild low to see if it works for you.

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Someone on another discussion said 2% milk worked for their spouse although you might prefer whole. If I can find the response I’ll copy the link here so you can see the details.

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Christiana, I use Zone Perfect Bars. They are about 24 grams of carb & balanced protein and fat.

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