A1c Happy Dance!

I'm doing the A1c happy dance, because I got a 6.1!!!!!!  When I was diagnosed less than 6 months ago, I was at 13.4, so I'm so stoked to have gotten to this point so quickly!

It helped that I had so much room for improvement that I kept hitting better and better numbers along the way...  That just kept serving as more encouragement!

nice work, elizabeth! improving a1cs is hard work, so many congratulations to you :D

kudos to you

Congrats, Elizabeth that is awesome!!!!

Way to go. So happy for you.

Slap Hands!  That's a great achievement :)

congrats thats great! :)

Awesome news! Keep up the good work!

Yay, Elizabeth!!  Great work!! 

YAAAAAAAY!  *throws confetti*   Look at you and your awesomeness!  :)