A question for ladies

Ok this may seem like an odd question. but i hope im not the only one who experiences this. Ive been experiencing higher sugar levels during my periods... is it common for that to happen?

Yes-and lows before and after. For 2 weeks out of the month it was almost impossible to control my blood sugars until I had a hysterectomy which was more for the blood sugar issues than for the female problems.  

It's super common to have higher blood sugars before your period.  Estrogen and progesterone (which get high that week before your period) are steroids that cause insulin resistance.  

Don't know about you, but I also have bad cravings during that PMS week, which also causes more high blood sugars.  

Some people increase basal insulin when period is coming.  I usually just overbolus for meals and correct highs as needed.  

It's incredibly common. I think it happens to almost all of us. And if you have endometriosis on top of it, the pain shoots up your sugars as well. Double bummer.


IM glad its a common thing.  @jennagrant i do get bad food cravings as well, usually if i crave something sweet i try to find something in sugar free section that may satisfy the craving.

Its common but I sometimes have higher levels of BG before my period as well as during

Mine usually start to get high about a week before i start and for a few days after i end.

Interesting that you bring this up. After months of trying different things, my endo just mentioned this week that this might be the whole reason I can't get under control, even with pump and CGM.

Out of curiosity, anyone experience better sugars while pregnant?

My blood sugars were not high when I was pregnant (I had more problems with low blood sugars when I was pregnant more than anything!!!) I had the problems with high blood sugars just before, during and just after my period before as well, but since having my daughter it seems mine have a tendancy to go low during my period but still remain on the high side just before and just after for some reason.