A Little Bit of a New Perspective

Hey everyone! I’m Grace and I’ve had type 1 since June of 2016. Here are a few of my recent thoughts on t1d and how I have been dealing with it and thinking about it.
Whenever someone else asks how I’m doing with my diabetes I always tell them that I am doing well with it all. That of course is not true. Its hard to deal with this disease and my blood sugars have been high recently and its stressing me out. I just want to eat all the food and not have to worry about it haha. I’ve been watching a lot of short documentaries on people with type one diabetes. They were all positive in some way, but they were all facing the reality, that this disease is real and its a big challenge to stay healthy and have good blood sugars. Your attitude behind your T1D takes balance. You have to stay both positive, but also realistic. You have to understand the severity of this disease, but also know that your life is not over. Like your blood sugars, and everything in life, you have to have perfect moderation and balance in your attitude. You also have to find joy in it all.

Like I said, I’ve watched a few youtube videos about other diabetics and their stories It was really neat to hear their stories and perspectives on diabetes. Also I thought this was so cool- Nick Jonas has T1D and he wrote a song about it several years ago!!! Its called “A Little Bit Longer”. I thought it was neat that there is a song about T1D! (and its like actually a good song lol!!)

Anyway, as you go about your week try to keep the right attitude about td1. Not too overly positive, but not too negative. You have to be somewhere in the middle. Yes, diabetes is so annoying and so hard. Yes, I wish that I didn’t have to deal with it all the time, but my life can still be lived. I can still laugh and dance in the rain and drive at night with my windows down and be happy because there is something greater in life. Diabetes is not all there is to my life and its not all there is to your life either. :heart:

Hi Grace @grace.cortez,

You are amazing in your attitude, you have brought yourself to such a positive outlook on life with T1 in such a short time. You are so right when you say “diabetes is not all there is in my life”; yes we live full and productive lives despite the fact that we have been awarded the privilege of living with T1D. during my 60 years living with T1, I’ve always found a way to doo all that I’ve wanted to do while figuring a way to “manage diabetes”.

I say manage diabetes rather than control diabetes because, as many people who have had T1 for a long time conclude, it isn’t possible to control type one - as you are learning from your recent higher than expected BG readings. A hint for you: blood glucose readings are just numbers, they are not you but rather information that you can use to manage YOUR T1. Also keep in mind that your body is a living being, and as with all living organisms, you are changing continuously changing so that a particular size insulin dose you used last month may not be what your body will need next month. Learn as much as you can about yourself and how activities and specific foods affect you and then with acquired knowledge, or medical team suggestions, make adjustments in your insulin. Over time, you will become your own “doctor” and very possibly the medical professionals with whom you consult will be learning from you.

Live Life!, and manage T1D around what you want and need to do.


PS: You and I live in the same zip code. There is a JDRF group that meets monthly at University Park, and also a JDRF Walk for Cure on April 8th at Lakewood Ranch.

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Hi, Grace!! I’m Maddy and I am 16 as well! (But I look 12 lol). I would love to chat with you! You seem like a really nice girl! :slight_smile: Haha, message me if you need anything! I’m here for you! :slight_smile: