670g w/ United Health Care


Does anyone out there have experience with UHC and their preferred pump (Medtronic 670g)? The system uses a contour next meter and strip but the strip is considered non-formulary by UHC. I am spending more on test strips than I’d like to. I am in the process of appealing for a tier exception but was denied. Now we are moving to 2nd level appeals and I would love to hear from someone who has been successful with this.

Many thanks!

You don’t have to use the Contour next meter. The meter simplifies the process by automatically sending the reading over to the pump, but you can also manually enter your BG into the pump.

The meter also offers remote bolus, but you won’t be able to use that option when in auto-mode, so it’s pointless for the most part.

Last but not least, Contour Next strips can be purchased on eBay or Amazon for around $25/100 strips. (.25 per strip)

Question, I just got the 670G and was wondering what your average cost out of pocket per month is for everything? I also have UHC.

I’ve used other test strips so I didn’t waste what I had already purchased however the contour next is more accurate and in sync with the sensor.

My concern about purchasing test strips from amazon or eBay is how they are stored and shipped. I have heard of folks buying strips that ended up being bad due to improper storage.

Well it varies based on your needs but I only use 1 vial of insulin each month as my pancreas is still producing some on its own. (I’m LADA) I use humalog because it is covered. (15.00 per vial) I am using contour next strips and they are “non-formulary”. I pay 55.00 for 150 for 1 month. As far as the pump supplies, my prescription is written for 90 days because my cost is the same whether it’s 30, 60 or 90 days. It’s a 90.00 copay for the reservoirs, insets & sensirs. In addition to that I have a latex allergy so I can’t use the tape that comes with it. So I purchase extra items like grifgrios/simpatch, unisolve, skin prep, etc.

Without the extra items my costs averages $160.00 a month.

Hopefully that’ll change if I can get the contour strip approved at the tier 1 costs!

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Been doing it for three years and I’ve never had such an issue. (Unless they were all damaged and I was getting wrong readings all this time :thinking:)

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Get your doctor to write a note for you. I have UHC and I get the contour strips in a 90 day supply. I am trying to upgrade to the 670 pump but I’m supposed to wait until 10/2019. I had my doctor do a prior authorization and write a letter. We’ll see what happens.

We have UHC , a PPO ,meaning less expensive if in our network of doctors. My son is on the Medtronic 670g . His work is contracted with CVS & the doctor writes RX for a 3 month supply . So that would be 900 contour strips every 3 months . Starting the year we haven’t meant our family deductible, so the cost is usually about $100 , as we get closer to the deductible , months later, cost is lowered to $50 for 900 strips .

I have UHC and the same thing happened to me a few months back. Have your doctor’s office do a prior authorization for the contour next strips and meter. They should have no issue filling it once they get the PA.

My test strips are still $95 for a 300 count. I looked on Amazon and it looks like they might be cheaper through there so thanks @Zale for that suggestion!